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  • j.coolaid j.coolaid Jan 31, 2012 3:04 PM Flag

    If there were only gentlemans bets:

    my a few, but the point is for you Knoxhead and losing on the pps direction, perhaps you can stick your nose a bit further up P.C.'s backside...I'll call you Pinnochio or Chief Brown Nose..Maybe you can bait P.C's lure on the pierhead while I troll for big fish off of cabo...coming to you from Hokedoe Traverse City and being correct on the pps direction while others tread water while not modifying their thinking..just another FACT for ya Chief..who be the real Moron?????? frick or frack? 8.1 million or 8.5 what ! doesn't it just suck who's been right of late.?.NOT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Not losing anything "pps". If you paid attention at all, you'd have seen that I sold more than a year ago at a buck higher than it is now.

      And as for "being right", what assertions have I made that have been 'proven wrong'? I didn't give any opinions on this company or where the stock price was going. I simply told you to sit up and pay attention (something you evidently have serious trouble with) to what another poster was saying, as he'd been around for more than a decade and gave far more lucid explanations and recitation of facts than the typical morons of these message boards, meaning the likes of YOU, who are only 'expert' at bad grammar and an overuse of exclamation points!!!!!!!!

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      • Knox....

        This guy is simply trolling for an argument. When no one "bites" he argues with himself.

        Imagine this guys poor wife?

        And so it goes,

      • think both of you are living in the last decade myself. Maybe you both still use land lines to call each other..Things change as they say...does that change the direction of what I am clearly witnessing..Is the stock market forward looking or still looking in the rear view mirror? You two may wish to ponder that thought...8.1(oh my God..Did I get that right or is there a new number today of just 8?) million short and still needing to cover...doesn't that just suck to you two?..I personally think that takes the stock higher.. how bout arguing all those other metrics about the stock....feel free to school me as to how there far too expensive/etc.....LOL..and no doubt you both are far more bright than all the analysts that are paid to do their own dd on the company....Perhaps that goes with a very large nose...

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