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  • pcstel pcstel Dec 9, 2012 12:30 PM Flag


    Got any colour on the "departure" of Greg Ewert? Rumor has it that he was forced out, due to disagreements with "Senior Management" on issues stemming from what has been reported to be on-going undisclosed "systemic product availability issues" pertaining to certain Iridium Maritime Broadband products that had been in distribution for a couple of years.

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    • here's a good old thread that'll clear the vision of some of these starry-eyed newbies

    • Well, it looks like that, as reported, rumored "systemic product availability issue" pertaining to certain Iridium Maritime Broadband products costs them the deactivation of a large "High ARPU" maritime customer last quarter...

      But OpenPort, specifically, has -- in the fourth quarter, that was primarily, I think, and I think Tom sort of alluded to this, we had a block of deactivations from a specific fleet that -- well, actually it's from a block of ships anyway that we weren't really expecting at the time. It wasn't factored into our plans. So overall, our deactivations were up a bit last year than they had been in the past.

      Looks like oldsatguy is once again out of the loop.

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      • Looks like the issue I reported in Feb. is just now being reported to shareholders. Ewert got ousted last year... because of the a disagreement between other management on the issue of "Systemic Product Availability Issues pertaining to certain iridium Maritime Broadband products" now being reported as noted.."

        "In the maritime sector, despite solid new customer additions and a favorable competitive landscape, recently addressed product issues have led to higher churn and tempered our growth prospects."

        Next bombshell to drop, IMO, will be the DoD contract. Since it is widely rumored that the DoD can no longer use Iridium for "tactical" operations due to service availability. Expect the new contract to be short. Maybe year to year, and expect the contract pricing on voice, non-netted, to be half of what it is today, just my guess. They tell you they expect a new contract. But, the price of the new contract will be the bomb. Can't see ARPU above $100 / voice on the new contract.

        You can't make payments on a 3Billion dollar constellation off of highly competitive M2M.


      • mdesch Mar 1, 2013 6:56 AM Flag

        Re my post last night - not sure what in pcstel's use of my answer to a question in yesterday's earnings call that inspired me to post, but 1) I do read this board occasionally to pick up insight on investor questions and concerns and 2) I don't plan on using this as an interactive forum given the anonymous nature of the board. However, glad to interact with anyone here - including pcstel - at an investor conference, directly through our investors relations line, etc anytime. /Matt

      • mdesch Feb 28, 2013 11:00 PM Flag

        Ah yes, PCSTEL logic: Since apples oranges, and grapefruit != cherries, then GSAT is the best!!

        I said nothing about product issues in my response, only answered the actual question originally asked. But you knew that.

    • Forced out? That's likely since his replacement starts next week. That doesn't happen unless you're fired. However, "systemic product availability issues" of OpenPort? What, he wanted more of them, the company wouldn't make them, so they fired the complainer? Sounds like a pretty weak theory. The rumor I heard is that he wasn't selling very well and the board thought they could do better. That makes more sense to me.

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