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  • okieskm okieskm Mar 9, 2012 5:52 PM Flag


    Did you sell your shares?

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    • Bitstream Inc. (Nasdaq: BITS - News) today announced that its board of directors has fixed March 8, 2012 as the record date (the “Record Date”) for the spin-off distribution (the “Spin-Off”) of its wholly-owned subsidiary, Marlborough Software Development Holdings Inc. (“MSDH”). On March 14, 2012, each owner of Bitstream Class A Common Stock will receive a distribution of one share of MSDH Common Stock for each share of Bitstream Class A Common Stock that they owned as of the close of trading on the Nasdaq Capital Market on the Record Date.

      This explains why stock has been dropping.

    • I remember poo said he sold all of his shares, a while back. But then again, he also said he was done posting on this board. Yet he still posts sometimes. So who knows!

      I still own some shares of BITS--been holding for way too long. This is the last stock I have. I bought some real estate and have stopped buying any stocks for now. Just waiting for this one to go up a little more and then I'm out.

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      • rapape1624 Mar 14, 2012 9:52 AM Flag

        I have not sold all my shares. Had as many as 10,000 or more a while back, but after a dumping of 3000 at $5.70 last fall, my number is down to 2500 or less.
        rarely sign on as poodaddy anymore, sorry.
        I think the players involved in BITS are crooked.
        The latest stop loss grab was so blatant.

      • Two, I knew he was selling some but did not think he sold all of them. I still hold all mine and have added when the pukes took them down to a low. I am just wondering why an all cash deal for the fonts? I would have gone for a swap in shares. That is unless they couldn*t do it because of the swap of Bits shares for the new shares of Bolt and Pageflex. I sent in my proxy so we should be hearing some news sometime soon.