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  • bradpreuss bradpreuss Aug 7, 2011 12:17 AM Flag


    "The record-breaking prices for printed wiring board scrap continued in July, hitting a new high-water mark of $7.89 per pound, up 3.3 percent from June and a stunning 40.6 percent over the July 2010 amount. The year-to-date price through July of $7.44 per pound is up 34.8 percent."

    That is $17,358 per metric ton of scrap and our E-Waste plants process lots of tons of this.

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    • Potential is always something to look at. However, what is the source of Garb's current revenue? I have looked at many of Garb's competitors, mostly private like Electronic Waste Recycling Corp, and they have clear sources of revenue as well as financial infrastructure to support their business.
      I am looking into Garb as a profitable company, but I almost wonder if the potential of their technology is what will drive a future acquisition. Also, how much better is their technology from their competitors? Any articles I find that describe companies in this field never mention Garb at all.

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      • That's a valid question and it deserves an answer. Let me attempt to address your concern. Although, in order to address the issue you raise, will require us to put it in it's proper perspective. I think you would agree with that. GARB's potential competitor (that is on the public market) and that is traded and readily accessible to purchase, is Obayashi Corp. (OBYCF.PK). Now, it is a viable option in the recycling business. One that has similarities to GARB in what it attempts to accomplish in that sector. Now, granted, there are others like the one you referred to in your post, can't purchase the privately held companies like EWRC. So, there is no way to compare those (or that particular company) to GARB. Oh, sure, you can compare the two, but, you can only purchase one of the companies stock...GARB. Now, if you want to compare GARB to OBYCF you could do that, and in doing so you would come close to answering your own question (revenue, financial infrastructure, potential in the marketplace, etc.) No, GARB has no current, BUT, look at the potential that lies therein! You can purchase GARB stock now at a bottom-basement price! It has the potential to grow into one of the most efficient recycling facilities in this nation. None of those "many other GARB competitors" that you referred to had revenue source when they began! GARB is just starting it's business model in the United States. If you want to see what it has as far as potential, go back and do some DD on it's success in Europe. That is what you have to base it's future potential on, and THAT was and that (IMO) will be the outcome of it's US business, once established. At some point in time OBYCY did not start off as a revenue producer. And, if you did want to purchase it over GARB, because it produces will pay the difference. i.e. GARB = $.0038 versus
        OBYCF.PK = $4.33 per share.

        Sorry for the long dissertation, but I did want to make an attempt to address all your post.

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