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  • bdabigdog2 bdabigdog2 Mar 28, 2006 1:56 PM Flag

    OT: Brokerage Q

    I trade with Schwab with StreetSmart now and I'm looking for a secondary place to trade.....Wonder if there is another online brokerage as good as Schwab that I can trade ... including pre and post market...Just for trading,research,babysitting.....

    I heard Ameritrade users complain....and some mentioned can't buy pre-market...

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    • I have E-trade and have been largely unimpressed. Their research resources are only marginally better than Yahoo. I originally signed up to use their Power E*trade platform, but it was so flaky I had to stop using it. They seem to be adding new features, but I'm not holding my breath.

      If your looking for a good trading platform, try thinkorswim. They provide free Level II quotes, multiple real-time watchlists, and their trades are only $5. I don't trade options, but their suppose to have the best tools in the industry to analyze and execute options. Customer service is excellent... I've never had to wait for a customer rep.

      I'm also looking for a secondary brokerage firm that has unique researching tools. Any suggestions?

    • Hmmm, maybe I'll short it before I transfer out, LOL.

      Just kidding.

    • I use e-trade currently, and their tools and entire interface are excellent. Site has too many glitches however, and customer service can be rough.

      I also have a Fidelity account, where I will eventually consolidate all my accounts, when I ramp down the trading a bit.

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      • I'm aware of e-traders bitching on Yahoo's message boards on occasion for their service is down....that just never happens with Schwab...But I do trade...What other "glitches" should I be aware of before going to their site?...Are they in the nightmare category whereby trades confirmed were later denied?..And how long RU usually on hold when you have a problem?...With Schwab within 1-2 min I usually to speak with a broker/rep....thanx izzy....

    • i like scottrade just for trades. i do research msn and yahoo. ameritrade is ok,for s&p report and if you have the $ and get an apex account free, it's good if you want to spend time woking with the tools.

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