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  • slimjim2005007 slimjim2005007 Jul 10, 2013 10:25 AM Flag


    I work for a auto supplier, major clients delaying 15 months on prodution
    not sure if they will hurt caas...just saying it could......

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    • 2010 "Not surprisingly, China led the way in vehicle growth, with the number of cars on Chinese roads increasing by 27.5 per cent, amounting to half the entire global growth.

      That gives China the world's second largest car population, with 78 million vehicles. But the United States still constitutes by far the largest vehicle population in the world, with 239.8 million cars, the Ward's study reported.

      In fact, China would have to increase the number of cars on its roads nearly sixteen-fold to equal the number of cars in the U.S. on a per capita basis. Ward's reports that there are 1.3 people for every car in the U.S., while in China there are 6.75 people per vehicle.

      If China were to have as many cars per capita as the U.S., its fleet alone would amount to approximately one billion cars."

      2013 "Growth in China’s vehicle sales slowed to an annual 9.9 per cent in July, an industry group said yesterday, as the world’s largest car market entered its low season. "

      The US car makers would be thrilled if we had those kind of numbers. SIXTEEN FOLD INCREASE FROM 2010 JUST GIVES YOU AN INKLING OF POTENTIAL GROWTH AHEAD. There might be a delay when the waves go out, but there sure is another wave right behind it,

    • GM delays Chevy Cruze debut by a year

    • sounds like you missed the move and want to get in lower - cass is booked solid my friend.. look at gm sales in china - maybe others are suffering due to the big boy moving in...

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      • not really, everyone knows companies are pulling back cost, I don't want to loose money
        but I have inside info on future auto's in china....not saying caas is a bad investment...
        just saying there is plenty of time to buy here...due to cut backs i'm seeing.....
        as a consultant this is the last thing I want to see happen, most like I would be all in caas,
        but knowing what i'm being told...I would not be buying into the rally in caas...

    • I'm a little confused slimjim. On the Halo board you say that you run two companies and only buy bio tech stocks. And now here you are saying that you work for an auto supplier in China. So which is it? Do you run two American companies and work at an auto supplier in China at the same time? And for a guy who has posted 1800 messages in the last 6 months you sure seem to have your hands full. What's your secret to such amazing time management skills - I mean flying back and forth to China for your job at the auto supplier company, running two companies here, and still posting messages all day on the Yahoo message boards is just so amazing. Why do people bother making up bs stories on these boards/

    • Got the word last week, hope my job will last here....

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