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  • leonbahorel leonbahorel Aug 27, 2012 11:36 PM Flag

    Poor Reputation

    A desperate company in desperate times with such a poor reputation. Maybe when Steelcase buys them and liquidates duplicate divisions, offloads the electrical segments they will be able to make use of the furniture manufacturing. Until then the management has to bleed it dray as long as possible. Suffice to say, when so many funds drop you, no one wants you! Performed well consistently? Fail
    Avoids excess debt? Fail Converting sales to profits? Fail Shareholder's money handled rationally? Neutral Increased shareholder value? Neutral Consistently increased owner earnings? Fail Sells at 25% discount to intrinsic value? Fail

    Failure after failure after failure. ... and you wonder why their stock is a FRACTION of what it used to be!