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  • augidog8407 augidog8407 May 10, 2011 11:05 AM Flag

    Whos Poor raise yer hand!

    Anyone who bot this, I hope you're poorer today then you started buying this scamming POS! You better go to HD and get yer Frig. Boxes and prepare for forclosure! All of you poor slobs! HAHA! LEARN for this! Or end up a homeless divorced suicidal alcoholic with nowhere to go. Sorry, but I don't feel sorry for anyofyou!

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    • You must of bailed out earlier when the weak hands got out.

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      • Nope never bot, never sold short. What I did get was the mailer that was sent out, and was upon further investigations, realized someone hyped this up (it workd) those mailings got paid for, the sender bailed, leaving suckers HOPING this is more than what it is, NOTHING but a public scam! The SEC won't do anything, so I'm here to rub stupidity in nose of those who bot. The mailer was interesting. Lithium will probably be needed more so in the future...BUT, isn't there a glut!? I beleive so! Cont'd GLUT on low demand, won't make the glut go away! Pricing won't increase, unless costs increase. Those mining/drilling aren't going to give this stuff for free like they appear to be today. This company is run by 1 guy, no management, even though the companies website LOOKS LEGIT...It isn't CMKM Diamonds used to back in the day and the SEC finally shut it down after 4yrs!of scamming investors

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