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  • adamblaha adamblaha Oct 14, 2009 4:17 PM Flag

    Where is this headed

    i am new here and just got a small positon ........where is this headed

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    • This should be headed up. This is pennyland, so you do have to expect some volatility -- we have paid shorts as well, so they're doing everything they can to NOT be squeezed out of their position. Don't worry, the squeeze should be coming soon.

    • You know slash did jump and call this jump in the last week. He might have some inside info. For me, GERS has the technology, and they keep winning patents. If you look at all their technology from the oil extraction of previous corn oil that was either to be burnt off or going for feedstock(which not only added profits but also adds a carbon credit as previously they were burning the un edible oils), to the algae reactors that take carbon and convert it into a green source that is then converted into more/new fuel, that can be burnt and that pollution/carbon can be re caputered to start the process all over, thus creating a full circle process(that also won a grant from Montana to further test the process), this is a company with real technology, in a point of time where governments and business will be investing billions to make cleaner processes and an Obama administration pledge to get off foreign energy sources(oil). Exxon and other big players have invested in similiar technologies, so it's not an odd ball player(GERS). AND, other countries, such as Brazil, China, and Germany are using alot more ethanol then we are. So, this technology could easily go global. As an investor, of course I am hopeful for better returns. But this company has the technology that the competition does not. And, when the stock price was higher(GERS), they did not have the patents they do now. Everyone know the economic and commodity downturn that took place over the last 2 years(minimum), and this weeded out many of the weak companies, and left stock prices low. I know that some people, who may have lost money, or had KK set a bag of burning poop on their front porch when they were a child, or whatever vendetta that may there for spending an entire day drumming up all the basher posts they authored in the last year, to knock good business news, but, I think this is good long term. Great in fact.

    • $.10 soon...way undervalued.

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      • acespader Oct 14, 2009 4:41 PM Flag

        I agree. This is headed way up from here. It is way undervalued considering what they now have exclusive intellectual rights to. It should be an easy couple of pennies up from here in the near future.

        With their extraction method they will literally become one of the biggest beneficiaries of the biofuel revolution. It isn't that far in the future that we will all be using a lot more ethanol in our cars!

        anyway, I'm buying first thing in the morning.

    • i say will slide back down tomorrow ,,, was great day today for many ,,,


    • u from sioux falls sd ???

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