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  • shaawnpaul shaawnpaul Nov 4, 2009 2:44 PM Flag


    Bio-diesel and ethanol will never be utilized as an alternative fuel beyond the current experimental level. Corn oil is much too costly to process and therfore, the corn oil extraction process under GERS patent is not an economically viable process. All such processing protocols require the an ethanol or bio-diesel sales component in order to reduce the cost of the corn oil extraction. This is a bust for this company I'm afraid. To those of you who bet on this company and lost, serves you all right. You take big risks, you should be big enough to take big losses. IMHO

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    • I'm sorry....This post makes no sense. Greenshifts business model is to help ethonal producers reduce their cost and add to their income by extracting the corn oil from the dds. Your post makes it sound as if they are pulling the corn oil from the kernal and that they need ethanol producers to turn a profit. I guess that is correct but they are going after the producers in their business model and thus have eleviated the main problem with your post??? I think the main problem they have had is that the price of cude oil has dropped, with the price now back up in the 70's and creeping higher, this should give gers as well as other ethanol and bio-diesal companies a lift as the higher crude goes the more economical not to mention environmental. these companies are. Gers needs to get their product licensed by more ethanol producers to start making a profit. In the past year most ethanol producers have been having a hard time as oil prices collapsed. For the forseeable future there will be a demand for ethanol and gers product makes it cheaper to produce and cuts down on carbon footprint as well.At this price you can't go wrong. We will have to see if they can increase their income to sustain the OS shares or if they will need to do a RS in the future. If they need to do a RS in the future this should not be a problem as long as their income is increasing.

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