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  • joltingjosephine joltingjosephine Jan 10, 2012 10:35 AM Flag

    Hey pumpers....

    The reason for the reverse split was the same as for the last few times.

    Temporarily pump the price back up, so that the company can issue hundreds of millions of new shares.

    The one possible difference this time is that the company, (according to its financial statements and press releases), now has an actual business to back it up.

    If you believe that the statements are not fraudulent, and the company actually does have large Ethanol producers using their technology, it may be a buy at some point.

    It just seems way too risky at this price point. Usually after the present shareholders are diluted, the stock will tend to go down by 70% at least.

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    • Problem one, is that the pps has not gone up but has gone down. YEs I do believe the company does have the increased business and this should be on its way up but look at the results Im sure there are more companies using this technology and there must be increased income and yet the shareholders do not share in the increased value so what is wrong with this picure? What seems so wierd as with this increased income we still hear nothing from management. I for one would think with all the great news they they would be anxious to be so proud and happy with their results but yet we get no signs of encouragement and the pps keeps going down. IT doesnt all add up.

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      • I thought that the stock was .0001 or .0002 before the reverse. At that time I speculated that the price would be around .15 after the split. I lost track for awhile, what did it open at after the reverse?

        In my opinion, the price will almost certainly decline to .03 or lower, maybe .01 or .005 if the company issues 200,000,000 or so shares. After all that dust clears, it MIGHT be a small speculation. Of course the possibility of another reverse will still be a cautionary factor, LMAO.

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