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  • dough_maker_no_1 dough_maker_no_1 Apr 30, 2012 2:43 PM Flag

    When will it be .10 again?


    With $7.9 million in positive earnings for 2011, time is on the long's side.

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    • It will be .05 first. I know your group of pumpers came here to make a quick buck but you forgot to do any due diligence. This company does nothing but sue people now and the occasional reverse split. GERS is a black hole for your money. Its so bad now we barely hear from brenda slash and merchant any more. they are either broke or working a different pump and dump.

      Long-Term Sentiment Disclosure= Strong smell

    • NOT, time has never been on the longs side, only loss after loss. You are a dreamer.

      OK Im going out of town for a few days and I EXPECT all this pumping to bring the PPS up well over the .10 mark. HEHE. Now if you bought at 6 pennies you might get rich if it reaches a dime. Better yet if you really want to have some fun and not spend a lot of money buy some .999 investment grade copper bullion. It is fun to play with and unlike GERS shares you still have something of value if it drops. At least you would have an ounce of copper and with GERS you dont even have a piece of paper to use as wall paper.