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  • foo8675 foo8675 Oct 8, 2007 7:49 PM Flag

    stone, ho runs macau

    you can believe it or not. he is the largest employer. he pays more taxes then anyone. he has his hands in everything. banking, transportation, gambling, utilities, hotel concessions, prostitution, crime, ganbling, politics, and on and on. he is a known boss of the triads. and if you think he does not get what he wants you are dumb as a rock

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    • just let it go!
      good night!

    • "non gaming revenue is expanding faster then his gaming revenue"

      Well DUH! Ho used to have endless piles of monopoly-driven gaming revs, thus yes, his gaming revs have PLUMETED and so in comparison the coffee he serves is bringing in a bit more.

      Did you have a POINT?

      And an open challenge: Show ANY EVIDENCE that SJM gaming revs are the largest in Macau.



      Have at it.

    • Hello? This thread was OPENED with the claim that Stanley Ho controls everything in Macao.

      We have examined if that makes any rational sense given the course of events, and a child could see that it doesn't. Ho had a highly profitable monopoly which has been taken away, and the terms which you morons claim he's going to somehow prevent in 2009 are ones which were SPECIFICALLY WRITTEN INTO LAW by his own supposedly omnipotent self!

      I'm sorry your position is indefensible. Deal.

      Grow up.

      Get a grasp of reality. Either Ho is all-powerful and is purposefully ruining his own empire, or he's NOT omnipotent and other forces are at work. Pick ONE.

    • ho non gaming revenue is expanding faster then his gaming revenue. he owns macaus only tv station. he owns the number 2 bank. he owns a part of the airport and the cities tallest building. his shun tak holdings owns the high speed ferry business that controls 90% of the market. shun tak's listed shares have more than doubled in the last year. he is the largest builder of shoppind business and residential complexes. his non gaming revenue is growing off the hook. his gaming revenue is the largest in macau. how ie that monkey-boy

    • Yes, I do sleep.

      I just don't post under a half dozen fake ID's - that's what weak incompetent cowardly folks do.

    • Holy Handwave batman!

      DaddyHo used to get tens of thousands per day per table during the monopoly period, without making much effort.

      He gave that up "on purpose", to now have less than 1/6th of a slightly larger market where margins are falling like rocks and he faces additional competition in 2009... why?

      You wanna make a case? Tell me what Stan Ho made in 2002, and what he made last year, and explain why this was a good move.

      Or heck - put some NUMBERS behind your utterly unsupported handwaves about "largest employer", "most business" and "most revenue".

      Have at it coward boy.

      Or send in the clones. Your call.

    • you lost the argument. i defended the subject. you did not address the facts. most revenue, largest employer, most businesses. you never address the facts. you say the same thing. it gets old

    • You're the moron who can't defend the SUBJECT HE POSTED ON, and needs to divert to other topics, most of which involve blind luck.

      One last try: Make logical sense of lord-of-Macao DaddyHo who destroys his own monopoly, including terms to mint more concessions in 2009, and yet who will now put his omnipotent foot down and prevent HET from becomming competitor number 6 after he PURPOSELY CREATED the first 5 under his total and absolute control of Macau's decision making aparatus.

      Have at it "smart guy"!

      Hey - bring in a half dozen clones to cheer for yourself!

    • i am the moron that bought 12 thousand shares at 12. i am the moron that has made over 30 thousand day trading the dips the last few weeks. you are the moron who said get uot of lvs at 85.

    • stone do you ever sleep?
      seens like, you just love this message board battels.
      are you having lots of fun?
      you are a great fighter, let see who will win at the end.

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