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  • theconmanjd theconmanjd Nov 9, 2007 8:43 PM Flag

    As our U.S. $$$ becomes worthless...owning

    owning stock is your best hedge against inflation... Owning stock in a foreign company with a strong currency only makes sense! This should be the outlining thesis to your portfolio over the 2008 calender year.

    I'm drunk and rambling, hitting the bars, good luck longs.

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    • i really believe the market is in trouble. housing, banking, energy, food, the dollar. we do not even know where banking is at as they are using off balance sheet accounting. the vice pres from gs said today that people are going more into debt to fund their life-styles. i may be wrong. i was wrong in may and took a beating.

    • right on!!!!

    • What a bunch of crybabies and overreacting freaks!

      ...and good grief, Foo! You're heavy in DXD. No wonder you want everyone to believe the market will drop another 15%. You stand to make out like a bandit by feeding into this hysteria.

      The truth is that analysts and money managers decided a long time ago that November will go to the bears and December will go the bulls, and ConMan now appears to understand this market better than anyone.

    • i see another 15% downside at least. i would lighten up on stocks except for nat gas and agricultural plays.

    • foo,
      wow .16 cents more here...suburb of detroit...
      I take it genius doesn't use gas he flies everywhere:)
      nothing over here happening just bracing down for the hurricane we probably will see on wall street again on Monday...
      hoefully these vice stocks will not take too much of a beating...

    • whats up linda. it is 3.09 for regular unleaded in tampa florida

    • I am in Michigan and paid 3.25 a gallon yesterday to fill my car much for others and where are you...just curious

    • You may be right there, foo. The consumer has got some major hurdles coming up over the next 1-2 years. But as they say, "Never count out the American consumer."

      I seriously doubt it will ever see a p/e of 11, carrying little to no debt, growing as fast as it is. (I could understand a low p/e justified by higher debt or slower growth, which isn't factored in by a p/e ratio). And commodity prices may hit earnings a little deeper next time around. I only purchased a very small pecentage of the company and may purchase more if the market hits bwld a little more.

      The consumer hasn't faced these kinds of obstacles in a very long time. But some of these consumer discretionary companies are getting dirt cheap as if the consumer will never spend money again. Lots of them are being priced for worst-case scenarios. We will see how it plays out.

    • the reason i bring up the pe is i believe the market is going through a serious correction. consumer discretionary stocks are going to get killed. people are not going to eat out as much. gas prices and food prices are kicking in and the value of peopls homes are diminishing. this is not the place to be right now. with a higher pe it could move down a lot further. if it was trading at 11 times earnings i would say it might not fall as far.

    • even better own dxd. as the dollar drops and the market goes with it you make money. what i am doing with the dxd is buying low and selling high.

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