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  • chmiss_2000 chmiss_2000 Oct 2, 2003 10:24 PM Flag


    There used to be a lot of double reporting of trades! If we assume, as the regulations dictate, there wasn't any today, then this is a heck of a nice volume. 2% of the company changed hands for about $1,500,000. Hard to believe a few regular Joes and Janes are buying their 100+ shares. This smells of somebody big, with either no patience, or with a realization this thing could take off anytime, or doesn't give a damn at what price, because if something is a very good buy at $7.+ it definetly is still a good buy at $8.+. Continuing on, where garcrash left off, earnings of $.8/year in 2004, apply a PE of 20 and I arrive at $16.00. Granted at the moment we don't deserve a 20 multiple. However, most indications point toward us deserving it (or even a higher one) in the future.

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    • Recurve, that software is incredible! we're not your dad's ppt company anymore; that's for sure. the info available at your fingertips seems endless. sorry about those 100 shares; next time don't tell me because i'm not very good with secrets. gar

    • You are partially to blame for costing me some $$. I didn't fill on my total remaining purchases and the market has run a bit on me. I only got 29,900. That last 100 is really going to cost me.

      Enjoy the presentation. I have seen it a few times, in various stages.

      The concept is good, the product is better, the potential is great, the customers will be sweet, and the result for shareholders will be the best.


    • and the Cubbies toooooooooooooooo

    • Very well put.

    • look, you are not going to get a whole hell of a lot of info here for a couple of reasons. 1) nobody has much new info because there hasn't been much released in the last several months. 2)rent hasn't given anyone the $ value or the expected margins on any of the new contracts. 3) although there have been rumors; nobody covers the stock yet. so everyone is waiting for the next cc because if you believe pr, the 3rd and 4th Q's are when we shareholders start to be rewarded. so i really don't know what you expect to find here. the stock has obviously been acting quite well, so we are encouraged and hopefull that we are close to something big. in the meantime we have some fun and slam those that deserve slamming; the rb lovers esp., although i will no longer waste my time responding to them-they are old news. so you are welcome to join our little group, but don't expect much until we get info from rent. finally, if anyone had specifics, they aren't going to share it here because it would be inside info.

    • I wasn't trying to come in with an attitude, I have been reading the posts on this board for awhile, and it seems mosts of the post are either about RB or PR, or someone telling another how stupid they are.
      I was commenting it was refreshing to read a post that was directed more towards the stock, instead of RB, PR, or the stupidity of another.

    • curve, i have been busy carrying the torch while you're partying down with all the shooters. i know you told me not to say that you where THE big investor buying up large chunks of shares but i couldn't resist. i have however kept my promise not to tell anyone about the additional 30k that you plan to buy in the next week.

    • glad your point was "proven".

    • i've been here a long time and i think have paid my dues. read his two posts again and tell me that he or she isn't coming in with an attitude.

    • Gee, and I thought you were one of those high rollers, (with stubby fingers but with a secretary, who can type) knowing Dr. Moon ($100 million net worth) and so. If you want to make money in stocks don't follow these boards. Now, on the other hand, I wouldn't follow Moon either.

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