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  • chmiss_2000 chmiss_2000 Nov 14, 2005 11:10 PM Flag

    My favorite stock!

    Finally, I finished reading the TRG report and I am rather disappointed in the conservative approch. Boy, I think the guy must have talked to PR.

    Anyhow, I have to question the validity of these reports. He shows revenue growth on the PPT side of only a few points, but in the same breath talks about, that Sony represents 12% of the US rental market.

    He anticipates revenue growth of over 50% on the AMI side. If that's all we get, we are in trouble. We are talking $5,000,000, if that's it guys, we got to sell this dog. Because, we will be run over by the competition in no time. Just look at the $17.8 billion that network television ads generate. How about our retail essentials? How about the DRS? How about the box office essentials, national and international? This report sucks big time.

    Well, on a positive note: I am impressed with the way PR is hording cash.

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