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  • garcrash1 garcrash1 Jun 20, 2006 9:36 PM Flag

    more Q's for Balan to ask

    paul. Q1) do you have any plans for the 30 million in the bank? when he answers more options, higher salaries, and bonuses for upper management(not to mention international board meetings). you might want to bring up buying some shares back. maybe 500k or so. or maybe even a special dividend for all us loyal share holders who have been waiting FOREVER for paul to start making real money. or how about doing both. Q2) where's the second platform pauls been talking about for six months? Q3) how about some real guidance for 07 instead of that BS of an answer in the CC that caused the stock to tank. Q4) follow up to Q3. why in the world would you make such an assanine statement in the first place. Q5) if rent does not approach making a dollar per share by '08, will you resign and let someone who knows how to run a business run the business(i have friends and neighbors who make more than Rent per year). i'm sure you've got some of your own Q's, too. keep up the good work Balan. keep asking the tough Q's, i'm sure "60 Minutes" is in your future. looking forward to the next interview.

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    • It's been quite a while since I've posted anything here but I'm still trying to figure out what would make anyone think that Paul is qualified to be the CEO of RENT!

      How does his experience as the owner of a small business (in a completely unrelated industry) and as a member of the Michigan state house qualify him to lead an emerging company? It sure seems to me that we'd be a lot better off with someone who has some experience in taking an entrepreneural company to the next level.

    • glad to see you have finally come over from the DARK side. i just don't think paul understands that the 30 million is company money and the stock holders own the company. remember; paul was a politician and once a politician always a politician. he was a state rep. democrat here in michigan and he never saw a tax dollar that he didn't think was his money, to spend as he saw fit. i am very concerned that he and HIS B.O.D. are going to piss OUR companies money away. i hope some of the very large shareholders are as upset as we are.

    • In the past I have been a HUGE supporter of Paul and his management team... I am sorry to say todays 8-K hurt. I think Paul and OUR Board of Directors have taken advantage of the OWNERS (shareholders).. I would like to see the minutes from the compensation committee meeting. "what do you think is fair seeing we are sitting on a ton of cash??" Give it to managment (who dont buy stock), give it to our BOD (who dont buy stock), give it to everybody else, BUT for heavens sake, DO NOT GIVE IT TO THE OWNERS (shareholders) WHO ARE DOWN 20% on the year... PAUL, you are a doing a great job looting our company...Thanks.... I hope you sleep well at night knowing you are sticking it to the people who got you your job....

    • Press Article Follow-up 2

      Dateline Portland, Oregon. Amalgamated Press (�AP�)
      Unofficial (via cell phone) discussion with Rentrak�s Chairman, CEO, and articulate cape crusader, Paul Rosenbaum.

      By: Balan Bableson

      Balan: Well, things certainly have heated up on this board since you started talking. Not just to me, but to the masses.

      PR: I always like to keep things interesting.

      Balan: Some of my readers have written and requested that I ask some rather pointed questions. What are you going to do with the $30 mil in the bank? How about a share buyback? Special dividend?

      PR: My independent BOD is reviewing very closely the company�s options. I mean, OUR options.

      Balan: Where the heck is that 2nd platform that we have heard about for the past 6 mos?

      PR: Platform? Oh, they must mean the extra dock I built on the other side of my huge boat. You know, I find it very refreshing to run my boat on the river and out into the sound. The extra space helps during the dock parties.

      Balan: How about some �real� guidance for �07 instead of the BS you spewed during the recent call? Oh yes, my readers want to know why the hell you would make such an insane statement in the first place?

      PR: My extensive experience as a lawyer and politician provides me with significant perspective in these matters. Ok, here it is, we are going to make what we are going to make.

      Balan: Just exactly how long have you been a lawyer?

      PR: As long as I can remember.

      Balan: If RENT doesn�t have a run rate of minimally $1/share by 01/01/08, will you resign and hand over the reigns to someone with half a brain?

      PR: Why would you want someone running this place with only half a brain?

      Well folks, unfortunately I lost the cell phone connection at this time. I don�t want to give anyone the impression that I am piling on. PR has made some significant piles of his own and now has to deal with them.

      Ronnie (I am so loving this)

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