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  • garcrash1 garcrash1 Jun 22, 2006 8:55 PM Flag

    Recurve, are you still

    out in the woods? what words of wisdom can you add?

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    • Gar, buddy;

      I have been around. Am considering my measured response. Am very p/o'd right now.
      Will need to get back to you after the foam has subsided from the corners of my mouth.

      • 1 Reply to recurve333
      • Gar: took some time and gathered a few thoughts. Looks like nothing less than pigs at the trough. I find it interesting and amusing that some here have ratcheted up the rhetoric (the pizza man�s comments have been entertaining, and Dutch seems to have seen the light). Quite frankly, management and BOD deserve it. I believe the only way to get them to hear you is to write them a letter. I actually mean write Paul and the BOD a letter and let them know what you think.

        The ONLY positive thing that could come of this is that Paul is about to unveil his secret weapon, and he and the BOD will benefit from a lift in the price. Yes, I believe he has knowledge, of future business/contracts, that he has not shared with us. So, he is only setting himself and the BOD up for an upcoming lift. Simply put, this is greed at its best.

        We can only hope that he has not miscalculated and doesn�t blow it. If he does, then the stock will sell off, and he/they will continue to milk the cow. We will be screwed and their options won�t be worth much either. The problem [with this game] could be that the street will not appreciate his, and the BOD�s, actions, and will not play his game. Only time will tell.
        [Reminder: Paul still has a cash value investment of $2 million, separate from options. That should be enough to hold his attention .]

        I don�t, and we shouldn�t, be proud of this. I will hold additional comments for my personal letter to the BOD.

        That is about it. Recurve

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