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  • loselittlewinbig loselittlewinbig Jun 30, 2006 9:43 PM Flag

    Rentrak DVD rental data vs. HMR data

    Hello to the RENT board. I've noticed a wide variance between the data provided by RENT and the data provided by HMR (Home Media Retailing) regarding revenue from individual DVD rentals. I was hoping that someone here on the RENT board might be able to explain the disparity between RENT and HMR on their respective DVD rental data.

    My initial understanding is that both sources include data from online subscription rental as well as brick-and-mortar stores. Is this correct? I read somewhere that Blockbuster may have quit supplying information to Rentrak in 2004? I also read somewhere that both BBI and MOVI used to use RENT for revenue-sharing, but neither BBI or MOVI now use RENT for revenue-sharing (they now deal directly with studios for rev share)? Is this correct?

    I understand that BBI and MOVI can still report rental data to RENT even though they may not be using RENT for revenue sharing.

    Please look at the variance between RENT and HMR on just the top 3 rentals for the week ended 6/25/06:

    Video Business Online
    Syriana $7.93m
    Eight Below $7.28m
    The Hills Have Eyes $7.12m

    Syriana $10.23m
    The Hills Have Eyes $9.35m
    The Pink Panther $8.61m

    Any insight on this matter would be very much appreciated.

    BTW, here is the top 35 from RENT (notice the disparity in the numbers for each DVD compared to HMR's top 50 in the above link from


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