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  • dutchdaulton2000 dutchdaulton2000 Oct 24, 2006 10:01 PM Flag


    Where is the discussion? I go out of the country for a few weeks and the board shuts up. I mean, come on people... The stock is doing extremely well (new highs all the time) and there is nothing mentioned... Hmm.. What is paul up to? Is he buying back stock? Has he signed some contracts? Has he hit the lottery? Have we got the attention of other players in the marketplace??? Rumors/Lies/thoughts anyone?
    Come on.... Somebody has to have a clue... Gargrash? Recuerve? Bubba? Bags? Ronny???

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    • Dutch:

      I happened to be in NYC last week for a couple of days and bumped into a friend who mentioned that our fearless leader was there stumping. Won't mention any firms here, but what a coincidence... Otherwise, everything is dead, dead, dead. We still await directional announcements long ago promised. Simply put, either someone we may be dealing with (new contracts?) has interest, or someone has pierced the veil of secrecy. Other than that, we must await the next call to hear the update/new biz/prospects/etc.


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      • dutch, i agree with recurve. appears that pauls presentations in n.y. went very well. am told that the recent buying is institutional. don't have a clue as to how many buyers or how much they will buy, but it certainly looks good. i don't think these guys are in for a couple of points in the short term; more likely a double in the long term. now if paul would only come out with some of the 2nd Q news that he told us to look for in his last cc; this could really get interesting. maybe pauls waiting for the buying to subside and then will give us some great news. one can only hope. gar

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