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  • dutchdaulton2000 dutchdaulton2000 Apr 30, 2007 8:01 PM Flag


    Congrats to Ken and Cathy. I think they are two well respected individuals in the "media" community. I hope they lead us to the promised land... Quick question though... What does Paul do with his free time now, if he has handed the ropes over to Ken??? Does that mean Paul can focus on implementing what the "owners" of the company want??? Yes, I am talking about the stock buy back program....

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    • I am really disappointed by this announcement. The only contribution that Ken Papagan has made to the company is the hiring of Cathy Hetzel. Other than that achievement, can anyone tell me of any other accomplishment? He is the second highest paid exec (350-400?), he lives in California and commutes to Portland (on RENTS dime), he attends all the industry conferences (again at a high cost to RENT), and he has been in charge of Business Development and Retail Sales (any news here folks? I don�t think so!). Cathy has done a great job of bringing in new customers for the OnDemand business, but not a lot of revenue. Now Ken is going to be running both the PPT & Advance Media (ouch!). I guess that means that we will soon be hearing terrific news about Supply Chain Management, Business Intelligence and some real revenue for OnDemand (along with the wonderful news we�ve heard about Retail Sales). The only good news in RENT is that Marty Graham continues to do an outstanding job with PPT. Funny that we never hear RENT congratulate Marty for his accomplishments. Without PPT, there would be no RENT!!

    • Are you kidding me. Ken Crapagan hasn't done sqwat at Rentrak. All the the execs are overpaid for the amount of revenue that they produce. The guys is a moody little bitch who whines if he doesn't get his way. He hasn't produced anything for Rentrak since its the PPT, DRS and Movie Tracking that has produced the income. Not Ken

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      • OUCH! Will the true Ken Papagan please step forward? He's on the hot seat now but he'll likely be similar to most corporate execs, lots of marble-mouthed dialouge to simple questions with little substance. How about something more like Warren Buffet; his annual meeting for Berkshire-Hathaway in Omaha drew over 25,ooo shareholders/partners again! Now there's a plain spoken businessman that delivers. Anyone have insights into how the fourth quarter results are?

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