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  • lincolnmass lincolnmass Oct 29, 2007 6:28 PM Flag

    Movie Gallery Files Chapter 11

    Movie Gallery bankrupt. Since it’s the biggest PPT customer, how come this didn’t come up on quarterly earnings? Confused???

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    • I dont understand your concern. Check this old article below. Am I missing something?

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      • I was under the impression that a great deal of Rentrak's rental data came from MOVI. As far as I know they do not get rental data from Blockbuster nor do they get it from Netflix. How are they going to generate revenue on Rental activity if they keep losing data? Isn't Rentrak's value to the studios based on their ability to shed light on how the consumer is using the studio's content?

        Rentrak doesn't have the biggest rental companies and they don't have the biggest retail companies. Where's the Wal-Mart data? PPT represents over 80% of Rentrak's topline and nearly 100% of its profits. From what I gather PPT is the studio business. Why would the studios continue to do business with Rentrak if they keep losing data? The studios want Rentrak to increase its footprint not decrease it. I think this is a big problem.

      • Movie Gallery has been a minor portion of Rentrak's revenues since they (MOVI) went direct-to-studio with their revenue-sharing deal in 2005 (just like Blockbuster did several years prior). The only revenue Rentrak generates indirectly from MOVI and Blockbuster is in their "DRS" revenues that come from auditing the figures those two retailers report to the studios for calculating revenue-sharing.

        MOVI's bankruptcy filing is a non-event for Rentrak.

    • This has the potential to kill Rentrak's numbers. Where are they going to replace that data and its associated revenue?

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      • Still feeling like there is an elephant in the room. RENT�s silence on Movie Gallery is deafening. Isn�t MG in the rental business, and isn�t the bankruptcy a big, red flag on what�s happening in the industry? It�s like the point thrompson makes on TV Essentials�why am I just getting cheerleading from other investors here? I want to believe you, scotchtapeonglasses, but which 10k are you talking about and what page number? I couldn�t find the evidence you referenced. OK, you got me on Video Business, johnhulme. I never even heard of it. But it seems to me that referencing a two-year old article in an industry publication is like referencing gas prices two years ago. So what! Things have changed, bigtime.

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