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  • sghat sghat Mar 11, 1998 11:02 PM Flag

    Air Force One

    I am amazed at the misinformation which I read on from supposed informed people. Air Force One was a "sell thru" title and was not on the revenu sharing program so I would be amazed if BB lbought them through RENT unless they are functioning as a normal distributor for BB. This is something they lhave not done in the past. I would imagine BB has a lot of copies because they were cheap to buy.

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    • Next will probably be Dreamworks, then Paramount. We still need Colombia which may be before Warner which is the most hostile to revenue sharing.

    • Rent has MGM. It was published in Video Week mag. Next will be Paramount! Warner Bros. can not be far behind.

    • I know some guys in Detroit that ought to drive out to the burbs and see you. Maybe Cherry Grove Lane needs more street lights. I do not suffer... this is fun, its obviously gotten your bowels all a twitter!

    • Your cover is blown. I just discovered that someone can't steal someone else's name on Yahoo. So that you will all be able
      to tell the difference, when you look at the post, look at the blue link with the person's user name. You will see the number 1
      after my DZCP whereas bigmoney has a letter after DZCP. Game is over bigmoney. Everyone knows who you are now
      bigmoney/DZCP?/embeddedchip/madatdjf and any other name you are using. You are one sick puppy. You should visit a guy in Detroit by the name of Jack Kevorkian.
      He would end your suffering for you.

    • Yahoo can verify whether an individual has more than one name since an email address must be supplied to get a user name. Anyone is free to contact Yahoo to verify that DZCP1 is my only name. I have contacted Yahoo to let them know about your disgusting behavior and asked that you be removed from Yahoo. I am sure when they see the language that you have used bigmoney, you will be removed and filed in the trash where you belong.

    • I have had loosers and winners ....
      HCOR is not the issue. It is your hype and your multiple personalities. You post hyping a stock then chime in talking to yourself saying how great it is. Next, you beat up anyone who might have an alternative opinion. So go ahead continue to be a mean lousy smuck. I will hound you until you admit it.

    • Hey, you have finally said a true staement. Someone alert the media! Yes, I will hold CMP until I think it has nothing left.
      I do not forsee this for many years as they are in a huge growth cycle. However, if the day ever comes when i think it has
      peaked and my money can do more elsewhee, you're damn righ I will sell it, just as any investor with the slightest bit of
      intelligence would do. You, of course, choose to hang on to losers like HCOR, hoping against hope as they continue their downward trek or
      stagnate for years. Imagine if you would have sold HCOR when i told you at 3 15/16 and put it all in RENT or CMP. Maybe you wouldn't
      be such a miserable person now.

    • Until I think it has nothing left and then I will sell and make more friends... I love people. I am a people person... matter of fact.. I think I am more than one person... I just love to talk to myself and praise myself all day on the web.

    • I guess Yahoo lets you pick a name that is already in use. CMP is in my IRA and there it will stay. I am up over $50,000 so far on this loser.

    • See Post 217, this applies to you moron.

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