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  • acropolos acropolos Apr 21, 1998 4:20 PM Flag

    news article

    Taken from "The Oregonian" 4/21. Highlights....Mark Wattles....."Rentrak's claims are ridiculous.....This is their lastditch
    effort to slow down the inevitability of Hollywood buying direct from the studios." Donald Ekman senior V.P. Hollywood....."We will
    have our own set of counterclaims....We terminated our agreement with them (Rent) 30 days ago". Rentrak seeks damages of at least
    160 million for breach of the exclusivity provision in the leasing agreement and 20.17 million for failure to provide certain
    data and infomation.

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      to go OVERSEA, once he met a girl with a big big
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      all that white colored GUE. I think it's about time
      to leave this THREAD, becuase once again DZCP is
      playing with his HEAD.

    • Video Update signed long ago. With the merger of Moovies, RENT added a significant number of stores.

    • DZCP1/Doug and RENT friends,

      Most of the
      longs on this thread believe strongly in RENT's
      fundamentals, but may be feeling a little queasy with the
      recent price softness ....

      Well, take heart! If
      you check out the technical analysis indicators on
      RENT, they are looking very good for an upturn. I set
      up a page on Wall Street City to follow a flock of
      different quant indicators. Any one indicator can fool you,
      but when a bunch of these indicators confirm each
      other, they are ususally right. These quant indicators
      are mathematical, they ignor fundamentals and are
      based solely on price and volume movements of those of
      us buying and selling RENT. A really useful tool for
      timing entrances and exits on stocks that you

      During the first week of February, five of these
      indicators all flashed a "Buy", when RENT was selling at
      $4.60 to $5.80. Those same indicators all flashed
      "Sell" late in March/early in April, when RENT was
      selling at $8.80 to $10.00. Now we are hanging around
      $7.00. You could have gotten an easy double in 8 weeks
      by following those indicators, but the worst you
      would have done would have been to buy at 5.80 and sell
      at 8.80, a mere 52% in 8 weeks. So what, that's
      history you say ....

      Well, they're back! Three of
      those same five indicators are flashing "Buy" again,
      and the other two, the very two which have been MOST
      predictive of RENT's price movement, those two look as if
      they are very close to flashing a "Buy" too, like
      within a week or two. Check it out yourself.

      a subscriber to this site, so don't know if you can
      get onto this page, but try

      or subscribe free for 30 days:
      then try the page above again.

      Keep the faith,
      cause RENT is going to fly again ...

      spacecowboytoo (Bob R.)

    • Here is a press release from Video Update. Look
      for the paragraph on Blockbuster and revenue

      Has Video Update signed up with

      >>>Thursday May 7, 4:10 pm Eastern Time

      Company Press

      Video Update, Inc. Comments On Outlook for Fourth

      St. Paul, Minn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 7, 1998--Video
      Update, Inc.
      (NASDAQ:VUPDA - news), an international
      video chain, announced today
      that it will not meet
      analysts' expectations for the fourth quarter
      April 30, 1998, due primarily to charges associated
      with the
      recent acquisition of Moovies, Inc. and a
      concurrent softness in same
      store revenues.

      Company's Chairman and CEO Daniel A. Potter stated:
      revenues, including same store sales did not
      meet our expectations. Our
      current estimate is
      that same store sales will be down approximately 2%.

      This was due in part to the delay in closing the
      Moovies transaction,
      which required significant
      management attention, and added more than 250

      superstores to our base in March 1998, well into our fourth
      quarter and
      some 8 months after we signed the
      original transaction documents. We
      are, of course,
      mindful that the delay also reflected the negotiated

      reduction from the initial ratio of 1.10 shares of Video
      Update Class A
      Common Stock for each 1 Moovies share
      to the final .75 to 1 ratio, upon
      which we
      closed the transaction.''

      Mr. Potter continued,
      ``In addition, one of our competitors, Blockbuster

      Entertainment, is reaping the extensive benefits of studio and
      revenue sharing agreements that they put in
      place while we were
      completing the Moovies
      transaction. We intend to be aggressive about
      such opportunities in the weeks ahead. Finally, the

      unseasonably warm late winter temperatures caused in part by
      El Nino,
      especially in the Midwest and
      Southeast, had an adverse effect on retail
      traffic and
      our same store sales.'' Mr. Potter indicated that the

      softness in revenues likely will result in a loss for the
      currently estimated to be approximately $0.12
      and $0.15 per share,
      before certain significant
      one time charges. These significant one time

      charges, currently expected to be approximately $18
      million pre-tax,
      will primarily be composed of
      charges associated with the Moovies
      store closings, and accrued charges associated with

      restated employment contracts approved by the Company's
      Board of
      Directors for the Company's Chief
      Executive Officer and its President,
      with amounts
      accrued for such employment related charges to be used to

      satisfy obligations arising from outstanding loans from
      such officers to
      the Company.

      Mr. Potter
      added, ``We remain bullish on the industry generally and
      Video Update specifically. The integration of
      the Moovies superstores is
      proceeding on schedule
      and on budget. Moreover, we intend to close up to

      41 underperforming stores as soon as possible. I
      fully expect that
      operating results for the next
      two fiscal quarters should be positively
      by these actions and by the impressive list of new
      titles, which is expected to include: As Good
      as it Gets, Goodwill
      Hunting, Tomorrow Never
      Dies, Scream 2 and Titanic. I look on this as a

      `cleanup' quarter in which we put certain charges behind us
      and take the
      opportunity to focus on moving the
      Company forward on the basis of its
      strengths: including great locations, aggressive marketing,

      extensive selection of solid hit titles, and experienced

    • Berger did not say he was comfortable with
      quarter number coming up and year number ended March
      1998-he said he was ccomfortable that RENT would EXCEED
      the estimate. Look for .40 or .41 for year just ended
      in March. Do not expect an amazing number for 4th Q
      ended in March. There is no BB or MGM revenue in this
      Q. It will not hit until 1st Q ending June 30. He
      said he is comfortable with .52 estimate for may 1999.
      This number is a joke. They should do say .41 this
      year. He said BB will add a minimu, of .10 per share
      (very conservative). There is your number already. The
      .52 estimate from Stonegate did not factor in MGM
      which should add at least another .20 which brings you
      to .72 or so. Now add another major studi (soon I
      believe) and you are looking at over $1.00 for the current
      yeat and the stock is in the 7s? Give me a break.

    • Did you se the release today by MGM? Check it out

    • RENT's potential is not a specific title,
      retailer or studio. The potential growth is in changing
      the entire view on distribution. Current methods are
      being questioned seriously. Changes are and will be
      made. Lets hope PPT is the answer. If it is,RENT is the
      leader and the the upside is extremely attractive.

    • RENT's earnings report is a little more than 2
      weeks away. Shareholders of RENT should see this as a
      major crossroads for the stock. RENT supporters: Can
      you name something that might occur in their
      statement that will cause the next significant price move
      to be down? Forget about the future. If RENT doesn't
      put up good numbers, even if their future is
      promising, the market, which already pretty much ignores
      RENT now, will not look at such a small cap again for
      at least another 3 months. And who knows what the
      overall market will be like then? In other words, those
      of you who are holding RENT until May 26 ought to be
      very confident that RENT has revs and bottom line
      numbers to show off and not just projections about how
      much business they'll get from Blockbuster, et al.
      Small caps, especially those that have but one house
      following it, have a tendency to suffer prolonged damage
      when the market is looking for earnings and only gets
      "a bright outlook". RENT could return to the $5
      level if it doesn't back up Berger's comment that he's
      "comfortable" with analysts' estimates. DSCP1 and other RENT
      supporters that I've read here, are you comfortable with his
      choice of words, "comfortable"? What is your confidence
      level? (Regardless of where you originally bought the

    • Just who is everyone here? Video stores or
      end-users? Understand why PPT works for rental priced video
      and you'll understand my question. PPT doesn't make
      sense if after 5 to 10 rentals the video store paid
      more for a video through Rentrak than they would
      buying it at Target. Everyone should quit focusing on
      one title, albeit the largest grossing motion picture
      ever. One title will not make Rentrak's revenues go
      through the roof. It's the consistant flow of quality A
      and B titles (yes, I'm aware I just said quality B
      titles) that will balloon RENT's revenues.

    • again. You are not addressing the topic at issue
      and are ever-so-eager to switch the subject. Titanic
      will not be released on PPT. Don't spin it any other
      way. Yes, Josh, other movies will be released through
      Rentrak. We understand that. Maybe there is some more
      insider information you'd like to spout instead?

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