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  • emdeddedchip emdeddedchip May 17, 1998 12:06 AM Flag


    Its clear to all that you are the onewith your head up your butt!! And therefore, with sh-t all over your face!

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    • Pick on you? I don't even recognize your name
      from the thread let alone did I respond to you. Or are
      you one of the types of posters that hides behind
      many different names? I only responded to apost in the
      manner that I did because of his nasty tone directed
      towards me.

    • I think every time a stock you own goes down you
      start to pick on everyone.APOST then myself.Who is
      next?I hope when RENT goes up your attitude will be more
      positive.It would be the best for everyone.GO RENT

    • ....and that his objective is to get "fired" when RENT gets picked up by a national house and doesn't need his sorry regional analysis anymore.

    • Hey dunce, I will repeat this for your benefir.
      Stonegates main report, dated 12/22/97 but issued much
      later, had .52 and did not include BB or MGM. Do you
      have a copy of the report? I do. Call Tim Stobaugh-the
      analyst at 214-871-6939 if you don't believe me. I spoke
      with him severla times and in fact told him about the
      MGM deal. He practically beged me for the information
      and then told me that he was sticking with the .52
      number in his follow up report despite the fact that
      they got BB and MGM. I tiold him he was being
      ridiculous. How could EPS not go up, warrants or not, with
      the addition of BB (Berger already said a minimum of
      $100 million revenue and $1 million pretax income) and
      and MGM (I was told this would increase earnings 30%
      or so).
      My point to Berger is that it is silly
      for him to say that he was comfortable with the
      original .52 estimate w/o BB and MGM and not be willing to
      say that he is comfortable that earnings will be
      quite a bit higher nor. The Stonegate analyst told me
      that he didn't raise it becasue he is an analyst and
      has to be conservative.

    • How low can we go??????? Enjoy the ride, we're going down!

    • You are stupid, you blew it and you know it. My
      tone and attitude is stellar compared to your juvenile
      name calling. Worse, you manipulate the statements
      that you make on this thread. Berger said .52 includes
      BB, etc. Who cares what you thought or think or meant
      to say or heard or understood. You were wrong.
      Indeed, you are what is wrong with these message boards.
      A lot of misinformed know-it-alls who love to make
      in-depth pronouncements about which they have, at best,
      superficial knowledge.

    • Sorry scumbag. Haven't sold a share you low life
      trash. I thought the bug exterminator had taken care of
      you some time ago but I forget that cockroaches are
      tough to exterminate. My respomse to Apost was not
      because he has a diferrent view but rather his tone and

    • He pumps a stock it goes up and he gets out.He also likes to rip on anyone who has a differant view then himself.I think he sold his shares today anyways.

    • I hate to be blung but you are an ignorant bloody
      moron. Did you even listen to the call or have any
      understanding of financial statements. RENT has a superb
      balance sheet. The current receivables are a freak thing
      this quarter because of a huge shipment about 2 weeks
      prior to quarter end to BB that shows up as a
      receivable because it was not paid yet. Nobody pays in 2
      weeks. What I said about the estimate is that .52 was
      Stonegate's estimate prior to BB and MGM. I asked the analyst
      when he put out an update after BB how he could
      possibly not revise the estimate now and he responded that
      he didn't know how much revenue RENT would get from
      BB. Well, their first order from RENT was bigger than
      nay prior order from the rest of RENT's customers
      combined. No way the warrants will result in enough
      dilution to keep earnings at .52 IMO. What do I REALLY
      know about this stock? More than you will ever know
      about any stock since you are mentally challenged.

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