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  • spacecowboytoo spacecowboytoo Jun 2, 1998 1:18 PM Flag

    LCA71 pops another of his zits ...

    Too bad he has nothing else to contribute.

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    • Hey spoonster,
      I have never seen anyone so
      bitter. What happened, did you lose the rent on the
      trailer? Maybe you can find a new park that doesn't need
      Don't worry, I'm sure in some cultures you would be
      considered normal.
      Why don't you leave the net and roll
      your sister over and pretend she is your brother.
      Based on your prior posts I can tell that is your main
      I seriously hope you can find proper
      psychiatric care and not go on a cross state murder spree. I
      don't want to see you in the Arkansas newspapers.

    • As always, right on the money

    • Top ten rentals $ volume through May 31, 1998.
      You may have to print out the page or use your cursor
      just as if you were going to copy and paste to read



    • Mojoooo,

      Do you work in the rental industry?


    • I have been in and out of Rentrak for the last
      6-7 years. When the news is the worst, buy it and
      when the news is the greatest sell it. I have heard
      rumors of an antitrust suit for weeks. When that news
      finally became a reality I knew it would bottom that
      morning. There has been selling for weeks on the rumors
      and the ones who sold on the news were the last ones
      out. I bought yesterday morning at $5.125
      I expect
      the board meeting on Tuesday will restart the stock
      buy back and pick up the last 400,000 out of the
      2,000,000 authorized to repurchase. Most of the buyback was
      between $3 and $4, but $6 still lloks good after seeing
      $10 recently.
      All that buying from $6 to $10
      wasn't Mom and Pops buying a few thousand shares but the
      begining of mutual funds taking positions. You can bet
      they heard all about this antitrust suit a month ago
      when I did and have been setting and waiting for the
      other shoe to drop before they bought. I expect we will
      see them real soon.
      Nothing has really changed on
      this stock since 60 days ago. They will still grow at
      50% to 100% in earnings this year and with that rate
      should trade at 20 to 30 times earnings or $12 to $18
      per share.

    • Ever see that one movie about that guy who pumps
      up a stock and rips on everyone else who doesn't
      agree with him. Then he dumps the stock, and pretends
      he still owns it, what movie was that

      "Escape from HCOR" or was it "Cockodile Blondee"?

    • My 1998 explosive stock predictions are HDIE, RNTK and MEGW (besides RENT and CMP of course).

    • By the way, have you seen what happened to the
      short interest in the last month? It doubled to
      390,000. This has not helped the stock but it works both
      ways. As the year progresses and they see the numbers
      RENT puts on the board, they will run for cover.

    • nNice try Spoonster/Frisco/lcp. Only 1 person I
      know posts under different names here. Anyone is
      welcome to email Yahoo to confirm that I have only 1
      name. Just so you all know, it appears that this child
      is posting under my name. That is not allowed by
      yahoo. The 1 in his DZCP1 is actually the letter l. I
      wonder why he is trying to mislead. My friends are very
      happy with CMP since I told them to buy when I did at
      $6. Not a bad return, particularly for those that
      sold at $12. I warned everyone on HCOR when I found
      out that Bazzle was a lying scammer and I was getting
      out with a loss. I also have been recceomending RENT
      since $4 and many of my friends got out at $9. Not to
      shabby either. I don't know why I am bothering to reply
      to you child but just want to be sure everyone knows
      that you are using a likeness of my name to post.
      Can't get much lower than that. Go back to watching Toy
      Story now.

    • The only "aegis" I can think of is when a company
      (RENT) notifies a market maker that it will cover any
      purchase the MM makes in defence of their stock at a
      specific price ($5.00). We probably saw this happen
      yesterday, though it also could have been the MM's covering
      their own short positions. Savvy traders suspecting
      that RENT would not let the price break the $5.00
      level may also have been reversing positions from short
      to long. Just my opinion.......

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