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  • FRISCO747 FRISCO747 Jun 17, 1998 1:23 AM Flag


    This stock blows.I was taking a dump and rent crossed my mind.I truly see this one going to 4 1/2.Got to go forgot to wipe.

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    • Thanks for the article you posted on SI. Very interesting.......

    • Nice to se some volume today and increase

    • I posted this site once before. It is the VSDA
      discussion board for video retailers. The comments about the
      industry and Rentrak in particular are very interesting.

      It seems most who knock RENT probably have never
      used the company's services and dislike Revenue
      Sharing in general. Most complain about the high cost of
      tapes (which is understandable) and how BB and other
      large chains get tapes at a much lower cost.

      independents are trying to organize to get the studios to
      lower prices. It surprises me that they would think the
      studios would even consider it. Many times, it is the
      video market that "saves" a movie from being a complete
      financial disaster for the studio. They need the high
      prices or revenue sharing.

      Here is the link as
      well as a RENT employee posting a

      >>>Re: Rentrak Ripoff or Retailer

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      Posted by rentrak on June 27, 1998 at

      In Reply to: Re: Rentrak Ripoff or Retailer Greed?
      posted by ann on June
      27, 1998 at

      On January 8, 1986 - almost 14 years ago - we
      shipped Prizzi's Honor on
      PPT. The first stores we
      shipped - are still in business. Guess PPT
      works at
      least for some people. YOURE REVENUE SHARING ALREADY!!
      been saying this for 14 years, but the lady
      with the math wiz husband &
      the others here who
      claim PPT won't/can't work obviously don't get it.

      Let us suggest you do a little math. See what your
      total revenues were
      from any ten titles you ordered
      six months ago. Divide by your cost.
      SURPRISE -
      unless you run your store better than the thousands
      faimiliar with - your cost was 40-75%. Guess
      what - Rentrak's total cost
      is between 40-75%,.
      All Disney titlles are 6 months. Now do the analysis

      for l year. The % won't change much. Bottom line -
      are the Rentrak
      bashers Ingram employees, Warner
      employees, audit failures who cheated
      Rentrak - or are
      they the 12,000 plus stores on Rentrak - like those

      guys who ordered Prizzi's Honor in 1986? Which do you
      think? Why should
      any satisfied PPT customer kicking
      butt- growing his/her business, and
      satisfying 3
      times as many customers as you are - post anything
      on this board - just to help Rentrak sign you
      up? As for the Ingram, and
      other distributor
      agreements - read the fine print. They're exclusive
      If not -
      make them give you a letter guaranteeing
      you that you can also order
      from Rentrak. Bet
      they refuse!!!!! >>>>>>>

      PS Anyone can make a post but in fairness to these
      retailers who are trying to make a living, I suggest our
      posts be informative and not critical.


    • Here is a link to FreeEdgar site for RENT's 10K
      annual report, filed just a few hours ago:

      The Definitive 14A Proxy statement has not yet been
      filed, but should be interesting to compare major
      stockholders this year vs. last year.

    • You are a true dumbass.Dont you know anything the, settlement is near so stop jamming rods in your rear dumbass.

    • Does anyone know what is going on with HLYW this week ?
      Have they settled with RENT ?? are they in the process ??

    • Sacklicker

    • �We are going to do a lot of things to make
      Blockbuster present at more
      points of sale and grow the
      business without using a lot of the great
      cash flow
      that Blockbuster produces,� Dauman said.

      In the
      past Blockbuster has soaked up most of its cash flow
      in building
      new stores, an issue long criticized
      on Wall Street. A spokesman for
      Viacom said
      later that Blockbuster would focus on franchising new

      outlets in underserved markets.

      Media Group
      Research analyst Curt Alexander said the 40% market share

      target was �definitely doable,� given the fragmentation
      of the market.
      After Blockbuster, the only other
      operator with more than 5% is
      Hollywood Entertainment,
      which has been aggressively building new stores
      the past couple of years.

      Most other outlets
      are mom-and-pop stores that will find it increasingly

      hard to compete against Blockbuster and Hollywood,
      both of which are
      able to offer more copies of
      popular titles under new revenue-sharing


      Pay-per-view competition

      The big question is whether
      increased market share will allow
      Blockbuster to raise
      its prices. Alexander said that the chain would

      likely attempt to do so, he noted that it would take
      Blockbuster two or
      three years to gain the extra market
      share and by that time digital
      cable services would
      be much more widespread offering many more channels

      of pay-per-view.

      These services may prevent
      Blockbuster from raising its prices too much,
      said, as consumers would have the option to rent via

      pay-per-view rather than going to the video store. Viacom
      stock fell 69�
      to $54.87 Tuesday.
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    • Blockbuster might
      Vidchain plans growth via
      more outlets, kiosks

      By MARTIN PEERS, June 24,

      Having successfully engineered a turnaround of the
      Blockbuster video
      rental chain, Viacom Inc. now aims to
      lift Blockbuster�s vid market
      share from 30% to
      40% in coming years by blanketing the country with
      Blockbuster franchised stores and kiosks
      placed in banks and at

      the aggressive growth target, Viacom deputy chairman
      Dauman also revealed Tuesday that
      Blockbuster�s recovery has
      strengthened in the second
      quarter after showing robust growth in the

      Addressing Nationsbanc Montgomery Securities� annual media
      Dauman said Blockbuster�s same-store rental
      revenue had increased at a
      faster rate in the second
      quarter than the first quarter, when
      growth was 9%. A Viacom spokesman declined later to
      on Dauman�s comments.

      Dauman told the
      conference that Blockbuster would continue to focus on

      increasing its market share in video rental, which has grown
      from 25% to
      30% in the past few months since
      Blockbuster implemented new
      revenue-sharing deals with
      most major studios to allow for deeper
      of new release videos.

      �We are going to
      pursue profitable growth with a much more efficient use

      of capital than Blockbuster has followed in the
      past,� Dauman said,
      adding that Viacom wanted to
      drive Blockbuster�s market share to 40% but
      �not by
      building a lot of stores.�

      In a reversal of the
      strategy followed by Blockbuster until its earnings

      plummeted last year, Dauman said Blockbuster would
      franchise more
      stores. For the past few years
      Blockbuster has focused on buying up
      franchise stores to
      increase the number of company-owned

      �Stores within stores�

      Dauman also said
      Blockbuster planned to start trying out Blockbuster

      kiosks and �stores within stores,� small versions of a
      outlet placed within department stores and
      other retailers. Blockbuster
      already has nine such
      outlets in WalMart stores in Kansas, Colorado and

      Texas and plans to roll out more.

      will also roll out vending machines, already in use
      in such countries as the U.K. and Australia,
      where consumers can rent
      videos using a credit

    • Bogusbob,

      You may be right but IMO, Wall
      Street does not even know RENT exists but I believe that
      will change as small caps in general bounce

      Earnings will open more institutional investor's eyes and
      may attract more than one analyst who follows the

      Better to be ahead of the curve as investors. Patience
      will be reward several months down the


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