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    • The current filing has been generated simply
      because a certain period of time has come to pass. The
      talk on the thread is misleading because it implies
      that it is a "new" filing by DIS to signal an imminent
      intention to buy a significant percentage of RENT. Not
      true. They've had the option to exercise for quite some
      time now. Again, the present filing has been generated
      simply because a certain period of time has elapsed. DIS
      is no closer to buying RENT than they were a year or
      two years ago. Regarding milestones that DIS did not
      meet(?): What were they and why would DIS not meeting
      milestones lower the purchase price for them? As for Berger
      options, this provision was put into the proxy for one
      simple reason: he knows he won't get his money from RENT
      through open market value. If DIS wants RENT, they'll pay
      the $6.58 for the 10% in the warrant agreement and
      they'll get the rest for less than that. DIS is known for
      being tough and savvy; remember when they took a stake
      in SEEK? The stock fell and this is an Internet
      stock, the hottest sector on Wall Street. DIS will hose
      RENT if it chooses to own a big part of it; this is
      probably why Berger is looking for options. He wants his
      parachute. Either way, as someone wrote on this thread, RENT
      will be a bookkeeper to the studios. This does not
      make for dynamic growth potential, as evidenced by the
      poor performance of the stock. Only those who feel
      married to Berger and RENT are conjuring rosy and
      unlikely scenarios to stay in love. It seems to me that
      keeping money in RENT for "the big payoff" is like
      putting money in a Japanese postal account. (0 to
      negative growth.)

    • Good Will Hunting does $7.5M in first week
      Scream 2 up to $16M

      Here is the link:

    • This industry is evolving even faster than a
      genius like you Freddy can follow. Revenue sharing will
      soon be studio direct to chain or studio direct to
      distributer. All Rentrak and Supercom will be is
      bookeepers.They keep the records and audit the books. Their cut
      will be low per unit, but multiplied on every tape for
      the rental market. No one will care about antitrust
      because it is the studios who set the prices and terms,
      not the bookeepers.
      If Neilson is the only rating
      service that TV uses, no one cares.

      Of course Dis
      said they have "no present" intention to exercise the
      warrants. They probably won't have present intention for
      another 30 days.

    • You are the dumpest S.o.B. I ever read about.
      Read the filling and then talk again.

      To all
      you Disney hopefulls, please read the following out
      of the 13D filling.

      "The Company acquired
      the Warrants for the purpose of investment. The
      Company has no present intention to exercise the Warrants
      in whole or in part."

      As it stands Disney is
      not the canidate, why would they be? Antitrust
      lawsuits would be flying all over. Supercom is for Rent,
      what Apple is for Microsoft.

    • Upon checking the annual report, RENT owns 25% of
      Rentrak Japan. At one times revenue it is worth over $30
      After buying 1,234,563 shares of Rentrak at $6.58/share
      cash, DIS buys the rest at 1/3 share of DIS per 1 share
      RENT. They then sell off the RENT Japan for a
      discounted $25 mil. cash and have a 3 to 1 return on their
      $8 mil. cash invested. There is no dilution because
      RENT is at such a cheap PE ratio compared to DIS.

    • Disney would also get a share of RENT UK. Any idea (assuming Disney is interested) when a deal may be done.

      Ken S.

    • The exercise price was not dropped because
      Rentrak failed to meet milestones.RENT had no milestones
      to meet, DIS did. The number of shares was dropped
      because Disney failed to meet those milestones.
      13D was filed on 7-14-98. It was filed for
      information purposes only.If you sell your Rentrak now and
      IDisney buys out Rentrak, you have no grounds for a suit
      as you were "informed".

      I think the people
      looking for a buyout are correct. Supercom has Warner
      Brothers and Columbia. Rentrak has the ability to track
      the rentals and audit for compliance (Supercom
      doesn't). DIS buys RENT, changes the name to Supercom,
      fires Ron Berger and processes the revenue sharing for
      every studio and every store in America. Plus the own a
      chunk of Rentrak Japan, all for $120 million. It is a
      great deal for Disney.

    • The Edgar Online I have specifically says July 1998...Where's the confusion?

    • M O R O N
      I defend Tokyo and others when I
      fel that someone has been unjustly attacked. I have
      few heros in my life and Tokyo does not fall in that
      category although I do admire his trading abilities. As
      for my thoughts, almost every stock I own and about
      90% of the amount I currently have invested are stock
      I selected, not recommendation of others. RENT,
      CMP, HDIE, etc.

    • Whenever tokyomex is getting his a** kicked on
      Yahoo boards you butt in and try to help your hero.

      When I said you press your lips against tokyomex's
      buttocks I meant that you are a kiss ass. And now that I
      see you can put a thought together without tokyomex's
      help I'm just soooo proud of you. Once again keep up
      the good work informing everyone about RENT.

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