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  • tbbbb tbbbb Aug 13, 1998 11:29 AM Flag

    OOps ! I though I was posting back on


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    • You'are right on it.

    • I agree that everything looks bad right now for
      RENT but why has over 10% of all shares outstanding
      traded since (but not including the bad earnings day's
      volume) the negative announcement.

      The volume has
      had a small upside bias. Seems like someone is
      accumulating. Why?


    • Rentrak value diminishing?

      Smaller video
      stores that are Rentrak customers shrinking in numbers
      due to competitive pressure from Blockbuster and
      Hollywood reducing Rentrak available market.

      economics of Rentrak plan difficult for smaller

      Seems like future for Rentrak may not be so

      My opinion-welcome any comments.

    • The comment about The Jerry Springer Show was a
      JOKE, Spacecowboytoo. Lighten up. Just as Springer has
      sunk to an all-time low, so has the RENT message
      board, with daily dribble from DZCP1 and company.

    • Not sure I can agree ...

      The level of
      discourse on Springer is like "College Bowl" compared to
      the dim lights decorating this message board

      At least the Springer show is entertaining, this
      dull crap is just boring ...

      Hey really, if
      you've nothing to say about RENT, just go away. You're
      flattering yourself big time if you think anyone gives a
      damn what you think of DZCP1.

    • Thank you. I intend to enjoy vacationing in Ixtapa. I hear your wife goes down there with a group of guys every year to get away from you and see what real men are like

    • I am still heavily involved with the so called
      losers RNTK, HDIE and MEGW, all of which will be big
      winners over the next 1-3 years. I am also involved with
      CMP having loaded up again at $2. Happy so far

    • DZCP1,

      Very funny that you are talking
      about prison, since you are the one being investigated
      for hyping stocks! I hear the investigation has
      really picked up momentum after FP fell to $2 and RENT's
      latest collapse. Too bad you can't get all of your
      hyping posts erased, so that they can't be used as
      evidence against you.

      Keep the laughs coming,

    • Quasar's daughter: When do you think we will see
      daddy again

      Quasar's son: Mommy says that with
      good behavior,he may be released early from the state
      prison, maybe in 7-10 years.

      Quasar's daughter: At
      least they let him use a computer at the prison so he
      can send us emails

      Quasar's son: I am not
      really anxious for daddy to come home. It has been kinda
      nice not having him around and not getting yelled at
      and verbally abused.

      Quasar's daugher: Don't
      worry. I don't think they will release him early for
      good behavior since he doesn't know how to behave

    • DZCP1,

      During your time on this board, you
      have demonstrated to all of us that:

      1) You are
      a liar.

      2) You are so stupid that you don't
      even know what a penny stock is, even though you are
      hyping them all over the internet.

      3) You lack
      the intelligence to conduct proper DD.

      4) You
      like to pose as a female (kittyhawk).

      5) You
      are a coward.

      6) You lack the integrity to
      admit the many serious mistakes you made while hyping
      this and other loser stocks.

      7) You lack
      maturity, as evidenced by the fact you brought your family
      into this, and by the fact you lied to us on repeated
      occassions, and by the fact that you seem to honestly believe
      that adults would be impressed by your meager salary
      and frugal vacations.

      One can only hope that
      for the sake of humanity your children are
      illegitimate, so that your "stupid" genes will be eliminated
      from the human gene pool.

      Enjoy your vacation;
      I'm sure your co-workers will enjoy their vacation
      from you.

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