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  • ouch9999 ouch9999 Sep 1, 1998 11:57 AM Flag

    Micky & Co.

    Disney will be buying Rentrak soon?

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    • Thanks for your kind thoughts. FP? Made $20K on
      it buying at 2 when it was obvious it would rebound
      to $5. HDIE a loser. ROFLMAO. Here is their "loser"

    • I find it very amusing that David/DZCP1 insulted
      people who were intelligent enough to realize that the
      future for RENT is very bleak indeed. Only a delusional
      person would ignore the changing marketplace that RENT
      found itself in and continue to hype the

      David/DZCP1: Perhaps you should spend less time insulting
      people who disagree with your faulty financial analysis
      and more time learning how to read financial
      statements. If you did that, maybe you'll stop hyping loser
      stocks like RENT, FP, HDIE, HCOR, RENY, etc. I'm

    • Last month kKeith76 posted this intelligent
      analysis of the many problems RENT is facing. I think it
      might be constructive to analyze them again, especially
      since it appears that RENT management has not done
      anything to address these issues:


      "The stock has dropped almost 50% the last few months
      on bad news that only gets worse. Why such a large
      drop in a company that DZCP1 claims has a beautiful
      balance sheet?

      1. The growing perception
      throughout the industry that Berger just doesn't have what
      it takes to successfully guide the company through
      the changing marketplace.

      2. With RENT
      running for cover due to their illegal exclusivity
      clause, they have been forced to sign contracts on far
      less favorable terms to the company.

      3. The
      loss of Hollywood Ent., their largest customer, as a
      client. The fact that many studios have made it clear
      they will give RENT only nominal, if any at all,
      business in the future.

      4. The belief throughout
      the industry that rentrak is a company in its

      5. Berger's extraordinarily poor performance
      during this fiasco.

      6. The lawsuits that rentrak
      is defending itself against and the future lawsuits
      it will soon have to defend itself against. Anyone
      with any knowledge of the industry knows there are
      more coming.

      7. The rumored shareholder
      lawsuit that will be filed against Berger and rentrak."

    • Pretty naive to believe whata CEO tells you?
      guess Smith Barney, Merrill Lynch, Prudential, Morgan
      Stanley and all the rest might as well shut down then?
      Where do you think they get their information to base
      their models on for their coverage of companies? When
      companies they follow do not perform to their expectations,
      it is often because theinformation they were given
      bythe company was off, just as it was in the case of
      what CMP told me. This does not mean that we should
      stop listening to what company management says since
      we have nothing else to go by. CMP is not dead-just
      slumping miserably do to missing expectations. If I knew
      who you were I would bet some serious money with you
      on HDIE. As for lawyers, most people seem to dislike
      lawyers...until a day comes when they need one and then they than
      they are thankful we are around.Let's see how you feel
      about us if you are picked up one day identified (in
      error) as a rapist or something. Your first cry will be
      for a good lawyer

    • HYPE. I have been hearing RENT news coming soon,
      and HDIE news on some deal with HBOC. WHo is to say
      that you are not getting scammed again? Seem pretty
      naive actually believe anything a CEO tells you.

      I know you are a lawyer too, the greatest LIARS of
      all time. Heck you are paid a lot to lie!

    • By the way, I got hosed like everyone else on
      CMP. CEO told me in June that by August they would
      have an additional $50 million in revenue, a clean
      audit opinion and more analysts. His record was one of
      an honest guy. If one can't believe information
      provided by a CEO of a NYSE company, investment decisions
      become rather difficult to make. That being said, I did
      repurchase CMP at 3 1/2 levels as this is ridiculously cheap
      for this stock. I rode it from 5 to 13 last year and
      I plan to do it once again.

    • Actually, looking back at RENT I see it is up
      about 25% from a year ago at 3 3/8. A wild ride along
      the way but not a bad return from when I first
      brought it to my friends' attention. HDIE-check back next
      week and let me know whether you still think HDIE is a
      loser. ROFLMAO. Even better, take a look at HDIE in a
      year and you may want tokill yourself for not buying
      it when you had a chance. It is quite possible that
      you may not be able to buy it a year from now at any
      price as someone may beat you to the punch

    • I am long RENT. KKeith says that he is not short
      RENT. I don't know about you, but if I didn't think I
      could make money on a stock I would spend very little
      time writing several long posts. When I don't like a
      stock I don't spend my time reading and posting about
      it. I purchased RENT on speculation. I think it will
      do well over time. Don't let KKeith get you to sell
      your stock just because he is short. In a few days or
      weeks he to will go away.

    • CMP was a real winner...ha ha ha...hyped to the
      high heavens at at 4. What a
      return!!! coming this, next, this week,
      no next next


      If I had all my $$$ in these 3 winners all year, I
      would be flipping burgers now...thanks for the tips

    • Greetings. I for one will continue to invest in
      value plays like RENT as this is where I have
      accumulated my money over the years. despite what Kkeith sys,
      RENT's growth rate over the next couple of years is much
      higher than the market average. They may need to put
      some big number son the board from Blockbuster to
      prove to the market that they will continue to be a
      force in the video industry and I believe they wil. I
      will buy companies with clean financial statements
      trading at less than 10 times earnings all day long. Will
      RENT end up as more of an auditor and processor of
      information? Perhaps and that would be fine by RENT as this is
      where their profit is. They never wanted to distribute
      the actual videos. They tried to get the traditional
      distributors to do this for them when they started out but
      since they were blackballed by the traditional
      distributors (because they saw RENT as a threat) they had to
      become a distributor also.

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