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  • CWKeeney CWKeeney Sep 16, 1998 12:27 PM Flag

    Spoke with my broker at Shearson

    I'm selling! There are high expectations for RENT
    to be trading around $2 within 6 months. I have
    extensive holdings, so I'll unload shares every few days
    for the next couple of weeks to try to keep the price
    from dropping as I sell. The volume is so low that may
    be difficult to do, but I'm going to at least

    Good luck to all you longs; you're going to need it!

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    • You're missing the point. No one is criticizing
      David for remaining bullish on RENT as it has dropped
      from $10.375 to now under $4. David is being
      criticized for hyping the stock -- simple as that. The fact
      that David is such a moron that he has continued to
      hype the stock as it fell from $10.375 to under $4 has
      only made people more disgusted with

      However, I'm beginning to think Keith is right and that
      David is just a dimwitted dupe being played for a fool
      by a RENT insider. At any rate, the problem people
      have with David is that he is a hypster.

    • Be very careful. Defending a hypster is just as disgusting as being a hypster.

    • David,

      Your last post is hilarious!!!! You
      wrote, "I cannot begin to count how many hours I spend
      researing (sic) the company before I take a long term

      How many hours did you spend researching RENT before
      you decided to continue hyping it at $10 and as it
      continued to fall to now below $4??? We can all see that
      those were hours well spent, loser. It is incredible
      just how stupid you are!!!

    • Thanks for your post, Ken.

      Completely, agree. The poster has made his point to the limits of redundancy.

    • It's easy to criticize someone when they stay bullish on a stock that is taking a pounding...if & when Rentrack gets a pop & makes a bid move will you praise him???

    • Your last post proves what an amateur investor
      you are. I buy stocks under 3 different
      circumstances. 1) Long term holds for stocks which I consider to
      be undervalued and whose companies are growing, 2)
      day trades on momentum plays and 3) rumors whicj
      appear to be well founded. FP falls into the last
      category. The company publicly announced it had hired Bear
      Stearns to dind a seller EXPEDIENTLY. There are 11
      analysts on FP with strong buys or buys. The stock was
      undervalued at $15. The call activity had been extremely
      heavy with a large open interst for October 17 1/2 ,
      October 22 1/2 ans october 25s. If you had the
      intellignece to look at the enormous volume both on common and
      calls, you would see that institutional money was
      betting on a buy out. I generally avoid buy out rumors
      unless the company is sound and at a fair price absent
      the buy out and unless I see unusual call activit. If
      I see those, I am willing to play it. as for my
      long holds, I cannot begin to count how many hours I
      spend researing the company before I take a long term

    • Some of you have made your point. You do not like
      David. I personally have no problem with him. He has
      every right to speak his opinion. You have every right
      to agree or disagree with him but do not waist
      everyone on this threads time by continually ripping

      Send him an email if you must but leave the threads
      for talk about the stock itself.


    • To All:

      Just came across this beautiful
      quote from that dimwit David (DZCP1) who has been
      hyping RENT from $10 to now below $4. On the Silicon
      Investor FP page David wrote,

      "Been long about a
      week. I know nothing about the company's management or
      the company for that matter."

      What a joke!!
      This must be the same kind of due diligence David did
      before he started hyping this RENT crap all over the
      If his admission wasn't enough, his investment in
      RENT proves that he is too stupid to be able to do any
      meaningful due diligence.

      If you want to read the
      entire idiotic post of his, it is

    • David,

      You now tell us that you never told
      your friends to sell at $10. So, you now admit you
      told your friends this was a great stock as it fell
      from $10 to $9 to $8 to $7 to $6 to $5 to $4 and now
      to below $4!!! Your "friends" would have been better
      off if they had stuffed their money in a mattress,
      you moron!

    • Keith--

      We get your point! You hate RENT.
      Think it is a stupid investment and that David is a
      jerk for misleading all of us. You've made your case
      several times and thoughtful people will consider it like
      all the other opinions expressed here.

      However, you've also indicated that you don't have a
      material interest in the stock. I, therefore, can't
      understand why you feel the need to constantly repeat your
      warnings. Either you've been burned by "hype" and are
      venting, you've shorted the stock and want to drive the
      price down, or you are just bored and like to see what
      you type on the internet.

      If you do not stand
      to gain materially and are simply trying to be a
      good citizen, THANKS. We hear you. But


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