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  • mrlucky200 mrlucky200 Sep 22, 1998 11:32 PM Flag

    reply to post 1026 and 1027

    first 1026 i agree with your position i am also
    holding. i do think there will be some more pressure on
    the stock. i think a company called roadrunner has
    filed a lawsuit against rentrak. i think it is a dumb
    lawsuit and roadrunner cant win but it still may hurt the
    stock. but i do think rent is constantly looking for new
    studios to sign on and i think they will eventually get
    at least one more major studio. this should help the
    stock price. also if earnings are good it will also
    help the stock price. either way i believe this stock
    is not a short term play but it will recover. as far
    as rent not buying back stock maybe there is news
    that will help the stock so maybe they cant buy it
    back right now. i am no expert but this is what i

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    • Thanks for posts just about RENT. Maybe this is a
      new beginning for this thread and we can go into next
      week free of insults, bashing, and

      Frisco, I've got no problem with you thinking RENT is a
      bad investment -- even though I own it there is no
      way I'd encourage anyone to buy it right now. Just
      too many things bother me about it. Namely, the major
      studios seem to want to blow RENT off, I think this "RENT
      as policeman" idea is farfetched, and management
      does not inspire confidence in me (or Wall Street for
      that matter). But, why not stop bashing David? Yes, he
      has hyped and it is good to point out a hypster. But,
      you've done it now. So, as long as he doesn't hype in
      the future perhaps you could refrain from bashing
      him. Thanks.

    • I talked with BB IR a few months ago. They said
      that they expected only about 3-5% of BB revenue to go
      through RENT. This is still a very good number. Also,
      most people agree that RENT has the best computer
      program around. If all of these chains are getting caught
      cheating how do you think the studios feel about working
      with them? Would you do business with a chain that was
      caught cheating when you computer program is not nearly
      as good as RENTs? The studios would rather have a
      company that does nothing but PPT. Plus Rent can play the
      bad cop when needed. Lastly, if mngt tries to take
      RENT private on the cheap do you really think people
      like VIACOM or TIME WARNER will let them have it for a

    • I do have 2 names Frisco and Spoonster the rest
      of then are other people who DZCP has upset.I
      peronally know one of them.We purched some stock of Hcore
      thanks to Mr.Hypster and was burned.Just informing
      everyone about hyping tactics.Sorry if you think this
      loser stock is going anywhere.O ya did you buy some
      CMP,great stock.Also glad your concerned about BUSTING
      people,it is great you do so it really does alot LOSER.See
      you used somelses name to hide behind.Go ask your
      mommie or wife if that is ok wussie.

    • I hope it goes up too. The way I see it, the big
      problem is that the marketplace changed right from under
      RENT's feet. The major studios and BB/HLYW want to work
      directly with each other, so although we'll get some
      pocket change from BB I doubt it will be the windfall
      that it was thought to be in the

      But, I haven't sold RENT, so obviously I still think
      there is hope. Like you I think RENT could become more
      accomodating to the independents/mom & pops/supermarkets. I
      think that is just what they are doing and are
      signaling that by announcing these deals in Quebec and
      England. RENT could also get some business from smaller
      studios that don't want to work directly with BB/HLYW,
      but my own opinion is that eventually they will all
      rather work directly than go through RENT.

      wouldn't buy any now, but I'm holding because there is
      still hope.

      BTW David, MOL = Madly Out Loud. I
      don't like to laugh my ass off, it comes in handy when
      I sit down in front of the computer.

    • Bertie,

      I agree with you.

      could support and help reverse the slide in its stock
      by clarifying their earnings expectations right now,
      particularly the BB revenues, and at the same time clarifying
      where they stand on the stock buy-back

      Their silence on these points will do nothing but

    • I've got RENT. Not a whole lot so the loss I'm
      carrying right now is no big deal, but I'd still like to
      see management get the stock moving. I think we need
      a clarification from RENT that BB will give us more
      than token business.

      If that doesn't happen I
      don't think that's the end for RENT. RENT could learn
      how to work with the independents (studios and video
      stores) and still make some good money. If the stock goes
      to $2, as some have suggested it will, I'd seriously
      think of buying more. Some times averaging down isn't a
      bad idea.

    • Please everyone lets get back to RENT.
      GGCON/Quasar stop bashing David, just post thoughts on RENT.
      David stop insulting people, just post thoughts on
      RENT. I think a couple of guys just took a childish
      game a litle too far today, so lets just stop it and
      get back to RENT.

      At least we had a little
      move up today!!
      Everyone relax and have a great

    • Hey bizzarro

      We all have to read lame-ass
      postings unfortunately, since you rotate names 15 times
      since Sept. 1.

      And what makes you think you're
      dealing with David? We are all sick of your lameness.
      Just go away....

    • Don't know why you think I like to "hack" on
      David. If you read my first two posts, you'll see that I
      was expressing my frustration with RENT mgmt. David,
      on the other hand, began the name-calling (as he so
      often does).

      As for the use of 15 other ID's,
      please, David, try to control your paranoia. I'm not the
      only person here you have insulted for no reason; and,
      you must admit, you did take the hyping a bit too

    • I mean what I wrote, which is apparently more
      than David is capable of. Thanks for choosing your ID,
      please keep using it. It serves as an example that
      people who lack intelligence also often lack

      Keep the laughs coming, LOSER!

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