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  • HSCORE HSCORE Oct 26, 1998 8:50 PM Flag

    DZCP. Fuck Off.

    Hey DZCP you faggot. You probably don't remember
    but you got me involved with another on of you loser
    stocks way back HCOR. You fucking homo. I just got back
    here to see how your so called great stocks are doing.
    Let's see. HCOR, RENT, CMP, and then I find out about
    your ultimate loser stock MEGW. I wanted to see how
    many people you've fucked in the ass since then and I
    see you've been busy at your hypester games since
    then. You are the ultimate gayrod faggot. Go fuck
    yourself in the ass you turdmunch. I hope you get your ass
    kicked...more so than the ass kicking you've taken in the
    market. You are a shameless loser hypester. The worst
    fucking kind of loser out there. Go sit your loose anus
    on another construction cone you rectum filler.

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    • It is curious isn't it?

      And I understand that insiders can't buy again until Nov. 9 ....

    • What is going on?

      Exchange: NASDAQ
      Delay: at least 15 minutes
      Last Price: 3 1/2 at 16:15
      Change: Up 5/8 (+21.74%)
      High: 3 1/2 at 16:15
      Low: 2 3/4 at 9:45 EST
      Open: 2 3/4
      Close: 2 7/8 on 11/2
      Volume: 36,700
      30-Day Avg.
      Volume: 88,000
      Shares Outstanding: 11,007,000
      52-Week High: 10.37

      52-Week Low: 2.12
      Beta: 1.26
      Yield: Nil
      Ratio: 11.29
      EPS: 0.31
      Currency Units:

      S&P Comstock

    • As I stated before, I came to this thread a
      couple of months ago when I was researching RENT as a
      possible investment. I decided not to invest after I did
      my DD, but decided to post to offer a contrarian
      view to the people who were so gung-ho RENT to the
      point of being paranoid when someone offered a
      differing opinion. It is always a bad sign when people
      attack opposing views. Invest with the mind, not the

      Unfortunately, I fell into a pattern of mud-slinging with DZCP1.
      While I felt it was amusing (I'm sure David did too)
      for awhile, I did grow bored with it and decided
      since I didn't know how the mud-slinging started here
      (and had no intention of reading all the past posts)
      to give David the benefit of the doubt and call it a

      I felt it my posting a contrarian view would be
      good for anyone new to the thread, but with RENT where
      it is now; what's the point?

      I have no
      intention of entering into another mud-slinging contest, so
      I'll pass on your suggestion to read the HCORE

      Good luck with your investments.

    • I have been away from this thread for a long
      time. But if you want to see how DZCP really works you
      should start back in the posts in the stock HCORE...

      He hyped it, then started hyping rent and cmp, now
      he has another set of hypes....

      This is just
      the way he is. and yes, if you post a contrarian
      opinion he does what he can to quash it, if you stick to
      the contrary opinion he calls you names and talks
      about his attorney credentials.

      It is worth the
      read so you know what you are dealling with.

    • Lets get back to talking about what is important CHICKS.Hot CHICKS who like to do it.

    • Ditto here too. This board was once useful. Does
      anyone know if there was inside selling prior to the big
      drop? Would that have to be reported?

      Are there
      any independent video retailers on this board? How is
      the Rentrak system to use? Do you feel the price you
      pay for tapes is reasonable?

      Has anyone done
      any analysis as to what the company's profitability
      would be if Rentrack just pursued their
      software/auditing/data-processing line of business and dropped the direct
      distribution? This seemed to me to be the direction Rick Nida
      was pointing in a recent phone conversation I had
      with him.


    • ditto.

    • would everyone get back to the subject "rent" - i
      have been
      monitoring this message board for approx.
      4 months - i would
      like to add and/or learn
      something "rent" but i get sick and tired of the name
      calling and vulgar comments. This is supposed
      to be a
      message board about rentrak stock.. I like many of
      have a wide range of stocks, but i do have an indepth
      ing of the video business today and how to actually
      use rentrak..

      many people on this message
      board don't really understand rentrak
      they are just
      investors and want to see sometype of growth of there
      investment, which is fine - if you understand the
      business you can pretty much anticipate when the stock
      will rise
      and the same time you savy
      investors can add some insight on what problems and/or
      postive trends they see comming
      down the road
      concerning this stock which would help me make
      decesions.. If we spend the time - discussing these types
      things instead of insults - we all might be able to
      money. As new people find this site - they might stick
      awhile and add some of there

      i am giving this message board one last chance - if
      the issues
      discussed don't change - it is a waste
      of my time and so many
      others must also feel. So
      everybody please stick to the main
      concern buying and
      selling of rtk - if growth is in the future
      near or
      far, etc.

      thanks for you time

    • Once a loser, always a loser and you are that. I
      was not the one "trying to make friends" If you were
      capable of reading you would see that quasar extended an
      olive branch which I am always willing to accept. I
      would not expect that of you

    • My three year old cousin could open a newspaper
      and point at stocks in buisness section and beat
      you.Hypester.Tring to make friends after the fact you rip someones
      family Very Low.Have you ever had a nice side order of
      vegetable melody.

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