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  • makedew makedew Oct 7, 1999 10:27 AM Flag


    I have been following Rent for a great deal of
    time.I have seen the frustration and the joy.In times of
    frustration the last thing you want to see on this message
    board is an advertisement for another stock or
    service.I think you do yourself a disfavor by using this
    board for you message.Please keep in perspective the
    mind set of rent investors at this time.In closing I
    can tell you without hestation;the next 90 days will
    put everyone in a WONDERFUL frame of mind.Thanking
    you in advance for your thoughfulnss

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    • You may consider that ALL (I strongly believe)
      the positive posts about this "company" (uncle
      ronnies candy store) are not from share holders but from
      employees who are holding stock options praying for a
      miricle. Hey, it might happen. Even blind hogs if they
      root around long enough may find something to eat.
      However, Berger (and familys') moral bankruptcy is a GIVEN
      within the business community of Portland Oregon.(OH YES
      IT IS) I am loth to admit that I am still holding a
      major pile of stock from the big sell-off a few weeks
      back. I played and I paid.

    • buzzy:

      Are you that ignorant to
      believe that I want to sell the stock at this ridiculous
      price. Only an employee under Berger could possibly be
      that stupid.

      or am I stupid for really
      beliving that an employee would even have enough belief in
      Rentrek to even spend their own money on the

      After Berger's horrible performance yesterday on the
      conference call, I believe his career hangs in the balance.
      He has absolutely no respect for any stockholder,
      which is odd because he is one too and will benefit
      along with us all if wasn't so arrogant.

      As for
      a doing his job well, what the F__k are you smoking
      anyway. The stock basically has been in a trading range
      since 1992. It had a blip to 10 but that is it. How is
      that doing his job well, which should be increasing
      shareholder value????

      by the way post your email if
      you want responses!!!!!

    • Take your medication and grow the H_LL up.

    • Rangermale:

      I will buy ALL of your stock
      in November. No need to go to a broker.
      E-MAIL ME
      REAL. Enough of that BS about Berger. HE IS DOING HIS
      JOB WELL (and I have been a stockholder, not a
      "crony", forever.................Buzzy

    • Ron Berger is ultimetly the failue behind this
      "company". The banks are now becoming aware of the
      insolvency and copies of the uncollectable a/r is a glaring
      example. Cash is tight and the moral of the workers (not
      Ron's friends and family stooges) are at an all time
      low. Fantasy of a big Hollywood settlement border on
      psychosis. I own a pile of stock and have no one to blame
      but myself. I will not hold it much into November.

    • Ron Berger

    • Man, why isn't this stock moving up?

    • lower sales volume, looks like RENT is
      transitioning to a higher margin business. Given good chance of
      a decent settlement with HLYW and a spinoff of
      COMALLIANCE, current share price absolutely dirt cheap IMOP.

    • Before anyone on this board panics, let me say
      that RENT will have a decent quarter that will leave
      them poised to make a nice run soon thereafter. By
      decent, I mean there will be no real surprises. Earnings
      will be solid and you will also see some high legal
      fees but we are all expecting that. RENT has made
      progress in their lawsuit and this should actually turn
      out OK for a change. RENT will never get what they
      are asking for but a settlement in excess of $25
      million would be very nice for all concerned. Expect that
      to happen before 1/10/00.

      Please focus
      instead on the great strides that have been made on CA.
      They are interviewing for a new CEO of that company
      which has to be a good sign. Jackson Hole Advisors are
      still in the picture which is also good. The future
      actually holds strong promise for RENT if people will be
      patient and the stock can attract a following.

      too, am disappointed that the stock has not run up yet
      but it makes sense that a few things need to still be
      put in place before that can happen in any sustained
      manner. I think we are closer than ever before to that
      happening. Patience will finally be rewarded in the upcoming

      I am long RENT, totally dissatisfied with the way
      management has worked up until now to maximize shareholder
      value, but convinced that the present strategy will
      reward those who buy RENT below $6 per share.

    • are you saying that rent is responsibile for Hastings situation? or are you saying that Rent will have a bad second Quarter?Just say what you mean

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