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  • against_deficit against_deficit Oct 21, 2004 1:21 PM Flag

    Bush: National Debt increases $1.7B/day


    The Outstanding Public Debt as of 21 Oct 2004 at 05:15:06 PM GMT is:

    $ 7,440,151,034,566

    The estimated population of the United States is 294,590,248 so each citizen's share of this debt is $25,469

    The National Debt has continued to increase an average of $1.70 billion per day since September 30, 2003

    Concerned? Then tell Congress and the White House

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    • Somebody loan this liberal their hanky. He's trying to give slick willy the credit for Reagan's and Bush's economy efforts because they lasted through 8 years of liberal democratic destruction. Anybody remember Carter and the 17% home interest rates? What a crock and he even has the gall to criticize "W" whose retrieving our economy from where the 8 years of slick willy left us.

    • <<Why are liberals always crying??>>>
      Lots of substance in that post.
      Clinton took office in 1993 and passed his Deficit Reduction Act over almost unanimous Puke opposition. Gingrich and others proclaimed disaster. Instead we had 8 of the strongest years in history, and the Reagan-Bush deficits came down by $50 billion/year ending in a sizable surplus. Now we are back into massive deficits and Asia and Europe are eating our lunch despite the tanking dollar. Four more years of Bush andyou will be using 2 hours of each working day just to pay interest, dividends, rents, etc on our foreign obligations. With military superiority, Bush can always just renege on the debts or pay back with 10 cent dollars.

    • I've been reading some of these posts about the national debt what a deal has been made about it. I believe if you go to the treasury departments web site you can see that we have had debt since the beginning of this country. If you check it out it will show that as an overall trend with the exception of around 1820 to 1870 the debt has increased every year.

      I find it funny how people like yourself take shots at the president with crap like this based on no inteligance work on your part.

      I guess being angery makes people say the darndest things. You didn't put yourself in the best light, now did you.

      They operate the same as the rest of us do just on a much larger scale.

      If the national average of consumer debt is around $7K that means statisticall we all spent more than we have.

      If you look at history and you look at the increasing trend and there is no correlation from party to party. It is the operating cost. Besides if it really matters to you and you like to see that debt decrease I'm sure you could work something out where YOU could write bigger checks to pay it down. Why don't you stand up and be the first to say I'm a good american and I'll pay more than what I'm required to. Oh thats right you can't you have to service debt to. I guess we'll just need some wealthier people to stand up and pay our share too.

    • Obviously you got problems that won't be solved here. Bush is one fine President but I wouldn't expect you to recognize that. Have a nice day and rinse that mouth out some. Are you really dumb enough to believe someone's profile.

    • First of all you dumb female yankee, I am not a liberal and not a union member you asshole. Both canidates are horrible, at best and face it, this country needs a change of direction.

      Know matter who wins, we are going to ripped off, so pick your poison.

      Besides that, fuck you, you yankee and worthless merchant plant in Conn. Most merchant plants do not do shit for this company.

    • You must be a bleeding heart liberal who thinks the government owes them a life. Kerry doesn't know where he took a dump last, just like the bs you spewed here. You can bs the uninformed but please don't waste any more of our time with your crap. Kerry's so full of crap that many of the Union folks won't even vote for the idiot coward.

    • deficits that are mostly a result of lack of tax receipts are all right. But deficits that are due to increased fiscal spending are more
      Of course! If the democrats raise taxes, they
      would cut the deficit in half. Big deal! Bush
      could do that too.
      These deficits are very manegable. Estate taxes in coming years will outstrip budget deficits. The pols know this and just demagogue the issue to death with the dumb voters.

    • Why is it that when facts don't add up, Democrats resort to name calling? Reagan inherited one of the worst economies we've ever seen. Carter gave us double digit inflation, double digit interest rates, incredible unemployment, and a deficit budget. Where were the democrats then?

      I believe if you check your facts you will see that as a result of the Reagan tax cuts that tax revenues into the U.S Treasury doubled from the Carter years. It was the Democratic controlled Congress that passed legislation for spending that spent faster than revenues came in to grow the deficit.

      And, again, what is wrong with deficits?

    • How soon you dumbass Reublicans forget. It was John Kerry in the 1990s to cast the vote to balance the budget that Reagan and Old Man Bush built up.

      Quite living in the 60s, bottom line is the Republicant's can not manage a fucking dollar and keep spending and spending. When was the last time Dumbass George W. vetoed a spending bill?


    • What should I tell Congress and the White House? It's a blinding glimpse at the obvious that the national debt is growing. It's far less obvious what should be done--besides, why is national always bad?

      We can cut social programs or reduce the size of government--politicans are so good at that. We can increase taxes--but do you really think that will reduce the debt or do you think more programs and larger government would ensue? Just like the economy, these things generally run in cycles. As the economy continues to improve more tax revenue will be collected and slowly but surely the debt will be reduced.

      Rather than focus on paying down existing debt, I would like to see more fiscal responsibility associated with limiting federal give away programs.

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