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  • super.investorguy super.investorguy Jun 11, 2013 12:49 PM Flag

    Drug scares create opportunity for Assured

    Even though it is today's headline, Yahoo won't permit the posting of the link on here... Oh Yahoo....

    When I look at a small company like Assured Pharmacy, Inc. (OTCMKTS:APHY), I see some real opportunities for growth within this sector. As a closed-door operation, Assured has designed itself to handle a prescription -- from the writing of it to the retiring of it -- for some of the most dangerous and most-often abused drugs on the market. Assured works directly with the doctor to ensure that the prescription is not altered, by picking it up directly and filling it from its own inventory.

    Drug security is becoming a bigger and bigger problem, but because Assured’s locations are in medical-office parks and not high-traffic retail locations, casual thievery is dissuaded. Prescription pain medications represent a $30 billion-per-year industry serving more than 75 million people and it's being driven to change by changes in regulations.

    Moreover, with primary care physicians in short supply due to the very same regulations driving the changes in health care, Assured’s model gives a doctor the peace of mind to write a 90-day prescription for something like Oxycontin where he or she would not (or could not) under other circumstances. This creates a side-benefit of convenience for both the doctor and the patient that Assured can pass on in terms of price.

    Regardless of whether Assured is successful or not, it is an example of the kind of new business model that will be carved out over the next few years as the US health-care system undergoes the transformation from a patient-/service-provider model to a fully-centralized managed care model. Investors should be on the hunt for small caps like these in which to take small speculative positions -- they could reward handsomely in the long run.

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