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  • apical56 apical56 Dec 3, 1999 8:28 PM Flag

    TV Comment

    Actually, Wapnick said that he would shy away from ALL HMO's because of legal uncertainties.He really doesn't cover the industry and made no attempt to imply that he did.

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    • 3 years old is my guess.

    • Cigna and a takeover. i have absolutely no reason
      to think that Cigna is planning such a move....i
      simply used them in my scenerio.

      sorry to
      everyone about my missed call this morning...i don't
      usually go out on a limb like that, but it just seemed to
      be coming together.

    • This looks like a rocket to come due to its new
      technology to treat cancer. ...CELN...

      This new
      technology cancer fighting equipment company is gaining in
      volume and price in the last four days. The volume
      increased from 100,000 to 1,300,000 and the price
      from $0.80 to $1.41 per share and it looks like this
      stock CELN has a
      lot more room to go with its
      momentum. Do your DD on this one. They just started the
      second of their Phase I trials of the
      non invasive
      breast cancer treatment using their state of art
      equipment using MIT and Duke developed technology at Harbor
      UCLA medical center, as I understand it.

      non-invasive cancer treatment system is the newest technology
      in trial. Do your DD on CELN, and then hop on
      the stock is further out of reach, it's still
      only 1 7/16 !! What a bargain!.

    • this time - completely wrong about the price
      direction at the open. and i was utterly suprised that the
      stock actually dropped.

      had it held steady, i
      would have justified it because the article wasn't a
      feature on HUM alone...but the fact that we opened the
      way we did, and got below $7 was a shock to

      i still stand by my prediction that something is in
      the works with HUM... over the next 2-4 weeks...some
      type of real announcement.

    • This is the internet. Nothing's real here except when I click on my buy/sell button.

    • Memorial Sisters of Charity Health Network is not
      a healthplan and they don't have an insurance
      license according to the Texas DOI.
      What did they buy?
      Is it a provider network doing contracts with self
      funded employers? Sounds like you might know or can find

    • you're making me laugh ... sorry if i went overboard ... no hard feelings

    • in Houston. They pick up 131,000 members in 33
      counties. MSCH lost $157,000 in the third quarter. This
      purchase will make HUM the 4th largest managed care
      company in Houston. OFL you are right, HUM is a take over
      play but this purchase would not make much sense if an
      immediate buyout by Cigna is on the horizon as some seem to

    • psychoanalysis. Now I won't have to use my
      capitated mental health provider this week.But you can go
      ahead and send the cash,I could use it to buy the kids
      some shoes for Christmas. Their feet get so cold this
      time of year you know.

    • You don't dig deep on anything do you hillcrest
      ... obviously you assume that just because I live in
      louisville that i work for humana ... never worked there,
      never thought about it, never will ... you are
      obviously very kne-jerk in your analyses ... i follow-up
      this like any value investor would and the momentum
      has driven the stock too far down ... i'll send you a
      present when i make some cash on this stock ...

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