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  • friend_of_the_deceased friend_of_the_deceased Dec 16, 1999 12:58 PM Flag comments on hum

    I am not that familiar with on24 but I have
    listened to their broadcasts before -- in 2 min it is
    pretty hard to state anything but the obvious. has a good name but I personally don't use their
    site. Just wanted to post the link because it is easy
    to miss these things and no one else had mentioned

    Malone is getting involved in CD -- you and kirby ought
    to be happy campers today!

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    • Give me a "dog" of a stock and time
      that's my
      type of investment! Thanks to
      several "dogs" I get
      to stay home and play
      on the computer and
      research other "dogs"
      as investments.My investment in
      the "dog"
      Cendant has made me much richer
      than yesterday. Gosh, all I had to do
      it,buy it and put it away and
      forget about it. Humana
      may not do anything
      until next year! So what.....
      I'm going to
      go have a glass of fine wine even
      it is only 1:39. Hi friend-Zim

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      • My kind of investor. As an employee of Humana I
        know the commitment to quality and growth in 2000.
        There has been extensive computer upgrades to provide
        service exceeding that of other companies. Grass-roots
        cross training is a priority. Audit requirements have
        changed. Many cost saving processes are now in place (this
        past week or so)to enhance procedures. You investors
        are truly considered a vital part of our customer
        base...we have taken the attitude of "when you find
        yourself in a hole, you stop digging"...look for
        profitable surprises.

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