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  • naked_finger naked_finger Oct 14, 2013 10:43 AM Flag

    bleeding like a siv

    great research but burning cash quick. Soon it will need another secondary. I think every 8 months...

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    • I finally, gave up on this yesterday. Amazing I'd bought about ten IPOs this year and only been wrong about one-- KBIO. I have huge gains on the year, but took a 70k loss on KBIO. Now watch this shoot up to $15 next week, lol. Good luck to you. This is a strange stock a bit. I could never understand the downward price movement. It is hard to understand the lack of interest in the fund community, and what they don't like about its pipeline or catalysts going forward. Its not like the news was even bad, other then the secondary, but even then it didn't justify such a large downward move. Anyway, I already know I probably made a mistake selling this, but there are just so many other great opportunities out there and I sometimes lack the patience of holding a company like KBIO. Anyway, already made 30% today on GERN, hopefully another 100% upside from there in coming months, now that is the direction in stocks I like to own--up. I will watch KBIO going forward, and it should be interesting to see if I screwed up big time selling, or made a good decision. I still predict this shoots up big, but when???

    • It has a huge pipeline for such a tiny market cap. I continue to hold this one-- this loaded spring just needs a bit of good news and its off to the races. A ton of upcoming catalysts here, and amazing how under the radar this company is. Very interesting, almost zero retail investment.

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