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  • dana.scott4321 dana.scott4321 Feb 15, 2013 7:22 AM Flag



    Tripp Levy PLLC Announces
    Filing of a Proposed Class Action Against Poseidon Concepts Corp.
    (TSX:PSN) in the Alberta Court of Queen's Bench

    CALGARY, ALBERTA and TORONTO, ONTARIO -- (Marketwire) - --
    The securities and shareholder rights law firm of Tripp Levy PLLC announced the
    filing in the Alberta Court of Queen's Bench of a proposed class
    action against Poseidon Concepts Corp. (TSX:PSN), and certain of the
    company's officers and directors.

    The proposed class includes persons who acquired securities of
    Poseidon Concepts on or prior to December 27, 2012, whether in a
    prospectus offering or in the secondary market.

    The action alleges, among other things, that the defendants made
    statements that were materially false and misleading regarding
    Poseidon Concepts' financial position, financial performance and cash
    flows, overstated the company's incomes and reported inflated assets.
    Among other relief, the action claims $251 million in damages.
    If you acquired common shares of Poseidon Concepts pursuant to the
    prospectus offering in late-January/early-February 2012, offering
    shares at $13.00 please contact us toll free at 1-877-772-3975 or email at contact @ tripplevy

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    • ryansleeper Feb 15, 2013 12:48 PM Flag

      Don't waiste your time. You will get nothing.

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      • So far, I believe there are more than 12 different law firms suing for over $250M , far more than the company is worth. It has now become a joke. I do not believe that this is in the best interest of shareholders as there wil be nothing left in the end even if the suit succeeds. Remember, it is YOUR money being used to defend against these lawsuits.

      • On the contrary. After 3-5 years, you will receive a token payment. The money in the financial reports was non-existent. I suppose the people were real. Don't expect to retire on the funds you receive from any class-action suit against Poseidon Concepts.

    • HAHAHAH total shill posts. One has no posting history, the other has a posting history with subjects re: only law/legal content. If somebody is considering joining a class action it may be wise to wait to see who will be the lead chair and plaintiff. Many times a small time law firm will file suit and try to gather as many "plaintiffs" as possible then essentially "sell" this cohort to whoever the firm is that will be leading prosecution. Personally I intend to wait and see who ends up taking the lead here. No point for me to give a percentage to tripp levy or any other small time law firm just for being first to announce a suit. Just my opinion. research first.

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      • Well g_luck777, since you are such a sharp person , calling other posters "shills ", we''ll see how much money you end up with after this matter is settled. I guarantee you will not retire on the proceeds. After the financials are revised, we'll see if the company has any assets at all. As far as posting on this site, it is essentially useless, filled with spam, advertising , and links to companies other than the one in point ,. I rarely visit this message board, and when I do, I often leave it quickly.
        It appears that YAHOO FINANCE has no monitor for the messages which leaves the board open to
        any trash anyone wants to post.

    • Contact Tripp Levy if you are or were a shareholder, he is filing a class action lawsuit against POOSF and you never know you may get some money back. Talked with Tripp this morning and he only needs your contact information and when and how you purchased your shares.

    • did you see the said all its revenue was bogus and they are restating....this company was a sham...count me in this lawsuit!!!

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