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  • againscammed againscammed Jan 31, 2013 4:46 PM Flag

    LOLOLOL 8k on que but....

    even though the payables are now taken care of by a 7.5% note
    we still needs money to PAY KRALLY et al. Yet another 8k on
    deck soon. Not that the lawyers will ever see anything but a
    few interest payments. LOLOLOL. Options too so now we
    the lawyers,Krally and Singer ready to sell on any pop.
    What a fiasco! 8k coming in soon for stock or a new note
    to boot.

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    • In addition, beginning on February 28, 2014, and on or before the last business day of each calendar month thereafter, Maker shall pay Payee equal principal installments of $46,875.

    • I believe they'll have to wait a while to exercise the options and sell the shares. Appears 12/31/2013 is the soonest they can exercise the options. Appears the shares/warrants tied to the promissory note are the unregistered variety at this time.

      There is no doubt however, the maneuver serves only to kick the can down the road. There is still no available public information that cash flow exceeds expenses, or even comes close. The promissory note requires a $ 40,000+ payment at the end of every month, meaning they are committed to approximately $120,000+/- per month just to pay Krall, Singer, the CFO and the note ... that does not even consider all other salaries and expenses.

      $ 1,440,000 in round numbers for 12 months for these commitments. Add your estimate for all other expenses.

      When was the last time they reported revenue exceeding $ 3,000,000 in a year ?

    • Pave the way for the PIPER now to PIPE more stock.
      With the lawyers having had the ability to force the co into
      BK court the PIPER was scared. Now the lawyers are long
      term debt holders(good luck) and the PIPER can issue 5M
      shares or so at .40 to .50 and buy another quarter. Look
      for volume to pick up and then whammo, another 8k SOON!

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