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  • sdcalert sdcalert Aug 21, 2013 9:41 PM Flag

    Bashers I ask you again the same question

    You sit here and berate this board.

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    • Still no answer from the queens of late night comedy. Come on Seattle49 and that DB Josh answer the question, it is simple enough.

    • Sdcalert,

      Question for you ,

      Where have all your minions gone? and why are you back here now?

    • Bashers still cannot answer the question.
      They are trying to deflect the answer.

    • This company has not been taken over, imho. The twins have been in the shadows for several years. All they have done is pull back the curtain some knew about for a long time. It was well known the OZ of El Cajon was not credible and was likely simply dancing while others pulled the strings. IMHO of course. Take with a glass of water and your results may be different.

      Do a Google search and find reference to when one of the twins was a consultant for PURE. I suggest the benevolence you seem insistent to ascribe to them is a wolf in sheep's skin and this will end no better for shareholders than it did under Krall's incompetent reign.

      Rather than simply berating legitimate posters while offering nothing in support of your position, why don't you offer something substantive, credible, and verifiable to support of your attacks ?

      Where to start ? Here are some suggestions:

      1] The obvious one ... what did the twins do to provide a positive experience for FOFU shareholders ?
      2] What did one twin's Directorship do to provide a positive benefit for shareholders of Clicker ?
      3] What did the twins' involvement do provide a positive return for Great American Coffee Company after
      rolling it into FOFU ?

      Again, all IMHO of course.

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      • This is a board of HOPE not thought. Despite being systematically fleeced for
        a decade with no profits they cling to HOPE. All the mumbojumbo announcements
        do zero for the shareholder and are aimed at peddling more stock and more money
        into the pockets of a few. Krall and Singer still get paid and can be brought back
        into power after yet another few stock pumps and issuances. They still have no
        operational funding as we speak, only unregistered sales of #$%$ paper.

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