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  • sdcalert sdcalert Jan 23, 2014 10:02 AM Flag

    PURE Completes Phase One Technology Transfer for Expanded Production -- Intercon SDC Facility Online

    ICC invested in significant capital improvements to allow for the new and dedicated SDC production capability. The Company stated that the final phase of the SDC technology transfer into ICC's facility is expected to be completed during the second calendar quarter of 2014.

    In December 2013, PURE and ICC established a strategic collaboration agreement whereby:
    •ICC licensed PURE's patents and technology know-how for the exclusive manufacture for PURE of all current SDC-based products and;
    •ICC licensed the distribution rights for SDC-based products into its core businesses of institutional cleaning and sanitation products and is developing a new initiative focused on US hospital, healthcare and medical facilities.

    The strategic collaboration agreement is consistent with PURE's business strategy:
    •Laser focus on its go-to-market strategy in the food industry, as a food safety solution.
    •Outsource manufacturing and supply chain management to an established company in order to lower operating costs and future capital requirements while increasing capacity.
    •License the distribution rights of its SDC-based products to qualified and appropriate licensors for revenue generation in non-core markets and earn royalty income.

    Jim Epstein, President and CEO of ICC, stated, "Both our teams have worked collaboratively and meticulously to design, build and implement this new production capability to produce SDC-based products for both our and PURE's customers. Given our established FDA manufacturing capability, we believe our thirty years of operating history, flexibility and reliability can deliver the future SDC manufacturing requirements, no matter how large."

    Hank Lambert, Chief Executive Officer of PURE Bioscience, added, "The importance of the technology transfer is that it now enables expanded SDC production capacity. This increased capacity is integral to the support of our commercialization efforts as we continue to see growing interest and acceptance from both food processors and QSRs."

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    • The terms of the Intercon agreement won't be released until the next 10Q (it's anyone's guess how much detail will be provided), but here's the tell from that PR:

      "ICC invested in significant capital improvements to allow for the new and dedicated SDC production capability."

      You can bet reimbursement to Intercon for those CPs is coming off the top any royalties due PURE. Any guesses when PURE sees its first dime from this deal?

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      • You have to be joking. There is no way there will ever be any deal but a very profitable one with this new management. They know a lot more that the handful of crusty and crabby old shareholders with too much time on their hands and nothing to say but negative complaints.

        Success is built on having a good idea and a good team to pull it of and an abundance of optimism.

        This is exactly what the new PURE is all about and it is the reason the will be immensely successful.

        If you are a shareholder you should have enough vision and brains to stop bellyaching and pitch in and support your management that is going to make you a lot of money.

        Let's change the dance and stop the useless and destructive banter. Let's support this excellent new management team and actually be a part of making it happen. We have the best product on the market, the market is huge, and our management team is EXCELLENT!

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    • sweet

      • 1 Reply to closetplayer57
      • Translation, we are broke and decided instead of a fire sale we would sell
        our superduperdeluxe silver electrolyzer to someone who can pay the electricity
        bill, PR it into something the malcontents cannot understand, and go about
        trying to get the SEC to bless all those unregistered shares waiting in the wings
        to be dumped on the dupes. We have a great market cap for a company that sells
        little and has a patent that will run out long before we can ever monetize it.

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