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  • playmemd2001 playmemd2001 Mar 28, 2005 9:04 AM Flag

    Easy money this week and next!

    Anyone who thought that the shorts covered the last two weeks was nuts! They are not that smart. They had their chance in the 6's and 7's and blew it. What did they do? They increased the outstanding short shares, not covering! They is GREAT NEWS for longs and anyone buying right now. You can not make any easier money than NAVR over the next few weeks. THat is right, weeks not months. Buy, hold and cash in. The shorts will be eating their shorts with the news out late this week or early next week. I expect a few smart ones will start covering today. Napavalley is too dumb to be one of them. He thinks he is "making money" when he could have covered in the 6's and now it is in the 8's, soon to be 9's. What a dummy! He lost 2 bucks per short share and will lose more. This will be fun the next two weeks all.

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