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  • uptabdowntab uptabdowntab Feb 26, 2013 9:02 PM Flag

    Ah man, next time I have

    a coyote in the crosshairs I might hesitate.

    I've always been a "shoot first, ask questions later" sort of I gotta start asking first. Who knew?

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    • Upta, I like you because you're an upside/down
      underdog guy like me. We accidentally found
      ourselves in the company over the past few years.
      I like rooting for the underdog, under-loved, and undervalued.
      There is usually a big payoff when the turnaround
      of a depressed business is confirmed.
      After a 4 year rally that will mark its anniversary
      next week (Mar.7th) It is hard to find good values
      in large caps.
      This is the space you want to be. I still figure
      companies like HSKA, SRT, will reward.
      As well as NAVR, and its crosstown dog IMN.
      Time tells all. Good luck to the faithful.