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  • jayand777 jayand777 Jun 10, 2013 1:43 PM Flag

    Hey Uptab...

    Real nice job on Hutchinson Tech. I know you like those deep value plays. I wish I had taken your advice and bought. And Madcatz might be looking up too if they can execute the new game consoles and mobile. Good luck.

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    • Hi Jay, Sorry for the delayed reply but I've been running around China since June 9th and just got back a couple days ago. The message boards would not load decent over there for whatever reason and some of the places I was at didn't even have internet access anyway. I did follow stuff a bit but mostly stayed away from the markets. Yesterday pm I added shares of HTCH and MEA. I want to add a ton more MCZ but haven't yet, was going to yesterday but not enough volume and I didn't want to chase. I wish BAC had stayed in the low 12s, I would have added more. The ones that are so cheap now are stuff like AA, MT, NUE and some of the gold mining stocks like CGR. Fun times continue.....NAVR is making up for lots of other mistakes I've made. Love the continued insider buying.....which is also why I am excited about MCZ.