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  • george3martha george3martha Aug 7, 2013 10:45 AM Flag

    Trading on inside information

    Good article in the LA Times on July 30th about the increased scrutiny regulators are doing to catch investor's trading on inside information. I hope none of the selling on NAVR the last couple days is a result of inside knowledge of earnings, because if it turns out to be the case, I know there will be complaints filed to investigate business' or individuals who participated.

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    • It appears my suspicions were correct, and it certainly appears that individual(s) had knowledge of NAVR's earnings prior to the press release, it also appears that individual(s) acted on this information for their own financial benefit. I have filed a complaint this morning with the SEC, alerting them about this activity, and requesting an investigation take place. I hope those that participated in this activity found it worthwhile, they may have a long time to ponder their actions as they spend time in jail and or prison. There is no place in the financial markets for individual(s) who committ these types of acts.

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      • You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.

        There was a runup prior to the earnings announcement (beginning the minute the press release for the announcement was posted), those momentum traders took their profits as quickly as they planned, and the shares pulled back some.

        There are tons of stocks which trade exactly the same way - and there is no trading on inside information.

        The SEC will click a button and your complaint will go to the trash bin.

        Too funny.

    • If you have questions concerning the price decline over the past couple days, when the markets were weak, then you should have similar questions regarding the amount the shares have been up over the prior week.

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      • Well said nip. I consider the dip of yesterday and today to be incredibly healthy and overdue. Sure, it happens to coincide with earnings tomorrow but I sort of think that is a pure accident. Just look at a 10 day chart and look at how the stock has performed and the volume behind it. To go down a dime on relatively low volume, in comparison, should not strike fear into the heart of a long. I am tempted to buy more today but will wait as I still have plenty-o-shares.

        I doubt the stock will turn into a BODY or TA or HSKA after tomorrow's report. Just too much volume behind the movement up and too many reasons to believe that strong revenue growth, increasing margins, and rising profits are just ahead of us.

        I would personally be surprised if they increase forward guidance at this point. Perhaps in late October after half the year is behind us. I do expect a solid report and even stronger cc.

        Looking forward to tomorrow.

      • Think we might have found a short!