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  • ExtremeJim ExtremeJim Jan 1, 1999 9:24 PM Flag


    Plagiarism? Or multiple screen names?

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    • At this hour, I see our esteemed rivals at
      Silicon Investor have about wrapped up their discussion
      of "Handwashing: Before Or After Urination?" and
      have moved on to a detailed allegory of snowflakes as
      falling money and an inventory of emergency supplies from
      Wisconsin to New England.

      During the past 24 hours
      we have dealt with a number of federal securities
      fraud prosecutions, one death threat, and the real
      meaning of the S & P rating of which the SI bunch as yet
      seems blissfully unaware.

      Who are the "Yahoos,"

    • I'm not an SI member, and thought I made that
      clear last weekend, including my reasons. I do read all
      posts there, for amusement only, as the substance is
      pretty low on average.

      I've noticed that several
      of my Yahoo posts have been copied and pasted over
      there. Why should I pay $200 for the privilege of
      sharing my analysis there? It seems that if what I post
      here has merit someone will carry it over there for
      me. For that money I could buy as many more shares of
      NAVR as the Bald Man From Mars owns!

      I appreciate the fact that you and others at SI
      with something meaningful to say generally post it
      here rather than there. Keep it up!


    • write back ok

    • I think it's key to distinguish between
      hype/emotions and factual info. NAVR has to prove itself for
      anyone to think this stock will take off? Mgmt's #1
      objective isn't for the concern of the co. They just want
      to reap massive profits. A large sell off all at the
      same time will send this stock down very fast, as was
      the case on NOV 30th. It shouldn't have jumped up in
      the first place because it was all based on B.S. hype
      by yours truly PAULSON. He of course knows if he
      even try something so foolish like that again that his
      as* is in serious crap by plenty of lawsuits.

    • longs all the way buy up navr honey.

    • Slamming a stock like some of the shorts do, is
      just plain silly. It doesn't influence trading and
      just makes them look stupid and pathetic in the
      process. If a short thinks this is a crummy stock then he
      should just short it and shut up, inside of following a
      stock he thinks has no poential. The only reason people
      keep doing this is because they are so desparate or
      loney they must either try in vain to draw attention
      from this stock or draw attension to themselves. There
      are not many of them out here today. Must be working
      that part time job to pay their
      brokers..............................Long on NAVR.

    • Notice all the "stock gifts" by CEO? He just wanted different names on the roster of stocks sold.

    • Don't kid yourself, this was planned and organized, the only ppl making $$$ on this deal were the brokers and management.

    • and unless you're a subscriber to an edgar
      related sites you won't get real time.. That was my beef
      for i notice that form appear 11-29-98 on freebie
      sites.. I myself could have made a bundle the day after
      thanksgiving..kicking myself for being hyped..but further research led
      me to believe that you this co. Is for real.. Also
      sony and some other co. Are touting the pc radio, a
      serial connected contraption to your pc or laptop , and

      that's a further proof that audio is here to stay until
      co. Like qwst or orb (fiber-optics/satellites) tech
      for data (video/phone)
      have installed all the
      nooks and crannies for www2

    • will speak for itself. If I were you, I'd cover as
      quickly as possible and go hide under a rock from

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