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  • surgicalpin surgicalpin Aug 12, 2011 2:12 PM Flag


    .22..... OUCH... Not a fun summer at all....... OUCH..... This is painful.....but then again it's all in who is going to laugh last... we shall find out soon....

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    • ohhh rotten does calls allright, to a select few who , like the old breck shampoo commercial, they in turn , tell 2 friends and so on and so on. Rotten will NEVER go on a call where he has to answer public shareholders questions because he will only be able to answer with the same old BS and dreams.....hopefully he will have to answer some questions really just will not be to shareholders.....and Julie is a stupid , idiotic worthless excuse for a pr person.....If I worked for a company that management lies ( yes she KNOWS he does) and makes decisions that make no sense ( like not announcing events that are PR worthy) I wouldnt be working there long....she aids him almost as much as his minion network IMO.

    • BTW Management has refused to do shareholder calls or meetings for more than 5 years now-- Good Luck!

    • Julie is not IR-PR there is a difference-- she is doing what they tell her to do--if that is your definition of doing the job right...

      There is simply no one with a fire to get a deal done.

      The boys think they can keep on taking out $2 million a year, and support the ever losing entertainment side,

      The attorneys can call this an ongoing account without doing much work, or costing whatever firm they are working for much outgo,

      And, as for potential buyers-- there will always be a deal that takes priority
      over PAID-- bigger, more urgent and from an entity with more credibility.

      The Norton patents were bought out of bankruptcy-- the way this is going...

      Of course bankruptcy attorneys, who will not be Anderson, tend to sell for what they can get.

    • thats a valid point. they dont have the means to pursue the infringements unless its done on a contingency basis, and maybe the new lawfirm is interested in attempting that route.

      agree they have zero cred but the patent office says its real so thats really what matters regarding that.

      the IR woman is somewhat helpful but cant get a read on her which way this could go. so she is clearly doing her job right.

      i think we need a call with management, need to hear it from them what the status is. as shareholders we should demand a live Q&A session with management.

    • Why? The boys are still taking out $.

    • Do I think that Anderson manipulated Rotman's for at least two months; absolutely yes! Do I think it is now in everyone's interest to move this forward; again absolutely yes!

    • NOOOO! Ya think?

    • so again the question surge, what the hell did he do between (April 18- July 15)? Three months...and rotman is asleep at the wheel....

    • I've never said he was dumb. Just that he is not a litigator or monetizer- which he isn't. BTW scandal broke in Feb-March offices and partners lost in May-June-- he left in July-- took him awhile to see that writing.

    • Surge, Great post... Like my Mother in law would say, "Kol Hakovod"

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