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  • southamptonny southamptonny Jun 29, 2005 11:10 AM Flag

    May I join the festivities?

    Firstly, I want to thank TheDonald and JustLooking for encouraging me to come on over to the VRTX board. I'm looking forward to pissing on the VRTX HCV "drug" (giggle) as they have so feebnly tried to do with valopicitabine.

    So let's get this party started...

    You're so hot on your 14-day response? (giggle again). This look familiar:

    The BILN cpd showed a 3-log drop after only TWO doses! IMPRESSIVE, huh? Setting the tox stake-in-the-heart aside for a moment, look at all the resistance mutations that popped up in that very short time. Hmmmmm? There's ALREADY evidence that the VX950 is heading down that same path. Come back when to have an SVR figure - OK, I'll settle for 12-week data (incessant giggling).

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    • This seems to indicate that VX 950 retains its potency against mutatated virons, don't you agree? Quotation marks are mine.

      In this report, they describe resistance studies, using an in vitro replicon system, conducted on VX-950 and BILN-2061, another HCV protease inhibitor, which was recently reported to be in clinical trials."

      Distinct drug-resistant mutations were identified for both protease inhibitors. "Mutants that are resistant to BILN-2061 remain fully sensitive to VX-950."

    • Got it - thanks. It looks more like a few of the HIV protease inhibitors, especially the series from early Glaxo:

    • I do have access, thanks. Good to hear that SAR is still the meat-and-potatoes of R&D, but what are they going to do with all that fancy molecular modeling stuff? Oh well - looks good for the analysts visits maybe.

    • >>Firstly, I want to thank TheDonald and JustLooking for encouraging me to come on over to the VRTX board. I'm looking forward to pissing on the VRTX HCV "drug" (giggle) as they have so feebnly tried to do with valopicitabine.<<

      >>yeah, and here's what comes after the comma, you phoney sack of sh1t:<<

      What's the matter tough guy. Got your panties in a wod? Why don't you get lost A$$hole. I made a honest mistake and you had to go and start name calling. Why didn't you finish with the rest of your link and let the truth stand? Both drugs have resistance problems.

      >>VX-950 at Ala(156) remains sensitive to BILN 2061. Modeling analysis suggests that there are different mechanisms of resistance to VX-950 and BILN 2061.<<

      You're a moron. Now you get lost. You take a MB so sensitively. What do you do in real life when someone cuts you off in traffic. Get heart palpatations? lol

      I asked you for some data regarding HCV becoming resistant to PI's. That proved there wasn't any hard data IMO. I called you on it and you got pissed off.

      MB Loser!!

    • Welcome to the party! Your link does show some impressive data and I am surely no expert although I do have first-hand experience with current HCV therapy. What I don't like about the data that is presented is that it appears from the following 2 statements that this drug may be too specific at certain areas in the RNA strand that are not as broad-based as one would like:

      Individuals with genotype 2A and C tended to be responders, while those with 2B were poor responders.

      Similarly, individuals with 3A were poor responders while those with 3B were more likely to respond.

      Currently, ALL 2's and 3's are the easiest to treat with today's treatment (INF and Ribaviron). I had 2B, did 5.5 months of treatment 3 years ago and am still negative!

      This drug may encourage mutations because it inhibits a protein that has to do with the mutation process and not the basic replication process. Since you may be attacking a protein that causes mutation only, it would probably be an easy thing for HCV to mutate out of the way since the basic replication process isn't inhibited as much as one would like. But who knows, this may be a good canditate for a combo treatment!

      I have not seen any genotype specific data from VX-950 except for the fact that all patients on the VX-950 testing were Genotype-1. If you have any data about possible mutations from VX-950, please post it so we all can read it.

    • Its pretty clear the VX inhibitor is speculative until further testing confirms efficacy. Its also pretty clear that larger scale trials are needed to assure there are no other unwanted inhibitor actions.

      So place your bet.

      What makes this company worthwhile is the generally healthy cash flow, based on associations with some big pharma companies, that should keep the research engines pumping while the formulations are evaluated.

      I'm in long, lets see what happens. Biotech is like Vegas, only wager what you can afford to lose.... but if you don't play, you can't win.

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